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How to Upgrade Your Online Image through Powerful Photography – Featuring Marissa Foht

MEDIA – The Creative Agency had the privilege of working alongside one of our marvelous clients, Marissa Foht, to improve her online presence through photography.


Marissa specializes in weight loss and the ability to maintain that loss by providing her clients with the tools and mental skills to create real behavioral changes.


For Marissa, consistency is the key to losing weight and keeping it off, and they have changed so many lives through this philosophy.


So when Marissa needed new photos to increase her online presence, MEDIA was there to answer the call. But what does it take to capture remarkable photographs that will catch the eye of your ideal clients?


Your audience needs to be drawn into your photos as if they were a child that was reading their favorite story book. It’s not enough to just take a photo of your business or a specific product anymore.


Your photos are going to be the first thing your audience sees while they scroll through their Facebook and Instagram. If it doesn’t immediately enthrall them in what you have to offer, then anything else accompanying it is wasted.


Here’s a few steps you can take to take astonishing photographs that will stop your audience dead in their scrolling:


  • Take photos that tell a story – When you take photographs, you want to convey to your audience who you are and what you do. For Marissa, we took photographs of her working with her clients to show off how they’re changing lives in real time. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be comfortable – Your photos are supposed to capture the best sides of who you are, so you want to pick outfits that represent you well and are comfortable enough that you don’t look stiff or awkward when you pose. 
  • Candid shots are the best shots – When you’re getting your photos taken, you don’t have to just stand there and pose. Feel free to move around, converse with your photographer, and act just like you would around anyone else. Standing perfectly still will never get you photos that stun. Which leads us into the last point! 
  • Just have fun with it – This is you we’re talking about! You’re not someone who’s afraid to show the world who you are, so why would you be afraid to show yourself to the camera? Get out in front of that lens and show it who you really are!


These are exactly the types of techniques we employed when we took heart stopping photos for Marissa, and they’re exactly what you need to improve your online presence just as they did through powerful photos.


If you’re looking to upgrade your photo gallery and show the world what you’re made of, contact us today! You’ll leave with a smile big enough that it should be your headshot!


Keep scrolling to see some of the astounding photos that we took for Marissa.








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