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How You Can Create Deep, Personal Connection with Your Contacts Online Through the Photography You Share

One of the many ways YOU can create a deeper connection with your ideal clients online is through the use of stunning, professional photography.


Photography is a tool that you can use routinely whether it be for social media content, e-mail or your website.


We believe this so strongly that we implement this practice for our own online presence. That’s why MEDIA has regular photo shoots with our team own regularly, just like we suggest for professionals like you – we put our own money where our mouth is! 


When you extend your message to the public, you don’t just want to tell them who you are and what you do. You want to show them!


You live in a visual world. The importance of showing is just as important as telling when it comes to representing your business. 


That’s what so many people get wrong! The imagery you display to potential clients should always represent YOU. It should show them what you do, how you do it, and how you’re going to do business with them. 


It’s important that you ideal customers and clients can put a face to your company’s name, but if your visual representation isn’t telling the story of your ideal client’s future journey with you, then they might not get a good sense of what you can do for them.


Here’s three things you can do to ensure your photographs that you share with your online marketing represent your business well:


  • Capture your team in the workplace – This helps your audience get a good idea of who they’ll be working with and what they do for your business.
  • Feature your services in your photos – Showing your audience what you can provide for them is invaluable. If they can’t see what you do, then they won’t draw anything from it. You literally have to show them exactly what to expect. Sometimes not portraying what you do exactly or how your location looks exactly can be the one enigma that keeps your ideal client or customer away. 
  • Show them off – If you’re not using your photos to represent yourself on the internet, then they’re not doing anything for you. Use them to brand your social media, your website, your fliers and ads, and anywhere else you can.


Often people think you just need one photo for your profile pic for LinkedIn or Facebook, for example, but having a consistent plan to share photos of you, your business and your team regularly, is what is going to have you stand out from the rest of the industry out there. 


We know that there’s no substitute for good copy, which why we include compelling copy in all the digital marketing plans we provide for professionals like you, but it will only take you so far. 


The use of compelling language and diction is essential for keeping your clients interested, but it’s the combination of language and captivating imagery that will stop potential clients in their tracks and absorb what you have to say online with your digital marketing.


That’s why we insist on this method for ourselves and our clients. For the best representation of who you are and what you do, the marketing cocktail of photography and copy is essential.


If you’re looking to update your photo gallery, contact us! 


When capturing your photos professionally with us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency here’s what you’ll get: 


  • A session filled with laughter, fun, and joy – after we photograph you, you and your team will come out feeling like the confident, positive, talented, beautiful rock stars that you are – yes, even if you’re camera shy! 
  • A gallery full of captivating, flattering photos of you, so you have plenty of choices to create that deep, personal connection with your ideal clients online.
  • Tons of exclusive insights on exactly how to use your photos, so that you’re maximizing your time and investment to get that return on your efforts.


Wanna see shots of our own team? Scroll further to see the MEDIA team in action!









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