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How You Can Enthrall Your Audience and Cut Through the Noise of Their Scroll with Captivating, Professional Photography – Featuring Christine Furman

When it comes to your online marketing, you probably spend much of your time thinking about what it takes to captivate your ideal audience, get them to drop everything they’re doing, and encourage them to invest in your business.


Attractive, professional photography reigns supreme when it comes to enthralling your ideal audience and encourages them to hear more of what your business has to offer them.


Using well crafted graphics and stock photos may have taken your business this far, but to make your business stand out amongst the rest of the noise of everyone’s social media scroll, your photographs need to build a bond between your business and your ideal audience.


Ever since social media bloomed as one of the world’s favorite ways to engage, everyone has trained themselves to ignore what they think isn’t worth their time. 


However, no one is going to stop and read paragraphs to determine if your business is worth the investment of their time, let alone their money.


This means that the visual elements you choose to pair with your compelling copy are the most important tool you can utilize when catching the eye of your ideal audience.


This leaves one big question on every business owner’s mind. What does it take for photographs to enthrall your ideal audience enough to give your business the time of day?


Here’s a few tips to make sure your photographs enthrall you ideal audience and cut through the rest of the noise:


  • Professional photos place you as an expert: As a professional, you clearly know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to your business and the service you provide, but you can’t get that across to your ideal audience through compelling copy if they aren’t stopping to read it. Using photography to capture yourself in action will display to your audience that you have the expertise to take on whatever they need.
  • Photographs build a deeper bond between your business and your audience: The graphics and stock photos that you may have used in the past may have worked previously, but allowing your audience to see your face and the faces of those who serve with you will forge a deeper bond with your audience. People like brands, but people trust people.
  • Have fun in your photo sessions: Yes, it’s necessary to have photos displaying yourself as a professional leader, but showing your ideal audience that you’re not a stick in the mud will help them see the real you. If people have a level of trust in you will inherently give them a similar trust in your business before they even consider contact.


Elements like these are invaluable for enthralling your ideal audience, and we at MEDIA – The Creative Agency employ and encourage these techniques and behaviors in every photo session.


They’re the same methods that we utilized when Christine Furman, CEO of Momspiration412 Worldwide, contacted us to provide a professional photography session for her business.


Momspiration412 Worldwide strives to provide a deeper educational experience for the children that they serve. Christine makes it her mission to reduce limitations in the classroom by providing each child with tools, skills, and accommodations that allow them to have the confidence in knowing they could accomplish anything.


She needed to update her gallery to showcase to the world what her business can do for parents and children alike and place herself as an expert in teaching children the skills they need to move forward in life with confidence.


We were able to capture stunning photographs of Christine and her team in action that helped her spread her message to her ideal audience.


If you want to update your photo gallery and show yourself, your team, and your services off to the world, then contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you increase that ever-valuable online presence.


Keep scrolling to see some of the amazing photos that we were able to capture of Christine and her team, and visit Christine’s website to learn more about how she can be of service to you!










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