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Identifying Your “Why” as a Business Owner

If you knew that sharing your real, raw story could be the thing that propels you forward, would you do it more?

At MEDIA, our goal is to showcase business owners in their most authentic light and present who they are at their core. We aim to do the same for the faces behind our company. After all, we’re all human here!

Today, we want to re-introduce you to the head of our company and share our “why” with you. Why are we so passionate about business owners confidently showing up online and attracting success? It all starts with a mother of six. 

Introducing Our CEO: Marta Sauret Greca

Having six children, Marta considers herself a full-time mom and full-time business owner all in one. She and her family emigrated from Italy to America when she was nine years old, fostering her interest in bringing opportunities to creatives who take the leap to pursue new opportunities. With over 10 years of marketing experience, her passion lies in helping business owners realize and achieve their full potential, so they don’t have to make sacrifices in their family and personal lives for the sake of their business. She believes business owners can have it all without hustling and over-giving. 

As the breadwinner of her family for years, Marta found herself facing more than one obstacle to her success. Nonstop grinding as a solo-entrepreneur led her to burnout and unfulfillment. Her biggest financial hit came after buying a house that turned out to be in much worse condition than she’d been told. Having no other choice, she and her family moved into her parents’ basement.

Shortly after moving in, her mom received a cancer diagnosis. This news woke her up to what was important. Marta put her foot down and returned to the big question: Why did she choose to become an entrepreneur in the first place?

The answer was that she wanted to work on her terms while helping others, and doing this in a way that allowed her to be present in her family’s lives. With this in mind, she overhauled her business from its foundations. 

She developed her Minimalist Method, which she uses in her daily life and business to focus on everything that brings joy and success—and throws out all that drains her energy and swallows up her time. She applies the same method to our clients, helping them streamline their business to infuse more of what they love to do and cut out what isn’t bringing them satisfaction and return on investment (ROI).

Marta is a regular guest and an expert contributor on CBS Pittsburgh’s Pittsburgh Today Live. She is the author of her bestselling book, The Minimalist Method: The Emerging Entrepreneur’s Guide to Peace and Prosperity, and has received various awards including Woman Business Owner of the Year from the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber. 

Now with a team of creatives, Marta offers various services through MEDIA to support business owners in growing, expanding, and heightening their reach and visibility. 

Photography and Videography 

Our award-winning team of photographers excels in capturing photos that highlight your authentic personality, spirit, and core of your mission. We curate a wide variety of photos to show the various parts of who you are. Each photo session is full of positive energy, where our photographers help you relax and have fun. We make sure to have plenty of laughs along the way!

Whether you’re looking for headshots, event coverage, and more, our photographers are available for you. 

Need a highlight reel or an intro to your business? Our videographers are skilled at creating a video infused with your passion and the deeper story behind your business. We’re here to move audiences with the power of your unique narrative, from where you began to where you are now. 

Web Development

At MEDIA, we specialize in clean, minimalistic design to draw traffic to your webpage and present information in a clear and enticing way. With copy that highlights the best of who you are and what you offer as well as an easy-to-navigate layout, our websites attract your ideal clients, keep them on your page for longer, and lead them to reach out to you. 

We also offer web support, so you don’t have to worry about making changes and running maintenance. 

Getting You Visible Online

We’re here to showcase you across the digital space, so you can attract your high-end, ideal clients. With our Visibly YOU package, we pull together the efforts of our entire MEDIA team to reignite your audience and draw in new potential clients with:

  • Stunning photography that highlights your authentic self
  • A guest appearance on and episode on our podcast
  • A spot on our TV show streaming on Roku
  • A feature in our digital magazine, MEDIAZINE

We’ll then share your features across our social media platforms and newsletters, which have thousands of followers and subscribers. In addition, we’ll send out your features to multiple news outlets, giving you even more reach. 

Social Media Management 

If you’re ready to put your marketing into the hands of experts, our Visible VIP program is for you. With your mission and goals at the forefront, we take over your online marketing to reach your ideal clients and engage your audience with strategies that are individually suited for what you do. 

We’ll have you consistently show up on social media as your authentic self, capturing your unique voice and getting to the heart of what you do. 

You get:

  • Strategy sessions with our whole team to decide the direction of your campaigns and allow us to connect and get to know you and your audience
  • A professional photoshoot from our photography team for brand new, stunning images to make your audience stop their scroll
  • Copy-writing that includes compelling messaging, copy-editing, and incorporating your photos for your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn campaign that attracts your ideal clients and leads them to reach out to you
  • Weekly blog posts and email blasts that lead to more clicks and views
  • A website review and feedback as we drive more traffic to it as your audience connects with your social media content 

Plus we become your hype-team, celebrating all your wins with you and helping you streamline your business for more success. 

Contact Us

You can reach out to us if any of these services resonate with you. If these services light you up and resonate with you, let’s connect. We’re ready to get to know you and your mission and see if we click!

Take a look at some photos of Marta by our MEDIA team below!


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