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Leap to Your Next Revenue Level by Saving Time and Physical Space

Your next revenue level here…and it’s buried beneath the papers in your home office, or among your never-ending to-do list.

You know what it’s like to have your desk covered. You’re always searching for a pen or that one file you know you left in one spot. This mess might extend to other parts of your house, like your living areas or bedroom. 

A cluttered space often leads to more stress and overwhelm, and it’s a mental block to business owners reaching their next revenue level. How are you supposed to hit six or seven figures when you have so much standing in your way, literally?

This week, we’re featuring Erika Maddamma, who is here to help organize your space so you can remove the physical and mental clutter keeping you from your goals. Are you ready to save time and enjoy more peace while your business grows and expands? Then let’s dive in!

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Meet Erika

A New England native, Erika moved to Pittsburgh nine years ago. She’s loved organizing her whole life and used to spend her childhood organizing and rearranging spaces for herself and her friends. For her, organizing is therapeutic, and she loves the feeling of giving items a new home. 

She began her business, Sunny Spaces Organizing, in 2020, before the pandemic hit. Pulled by her desire to leave corporate life, be more present for her son, and follow her passions, she set up her business with a mission to help others. 

“My favorite part is the impact we get to have on our clients’ daily lives,” Erika says. “Once you’re organized, so many things free up for you.”

How to Organize Your Space for More Abundance

Erika has the tips you need to make your living space more accessible and peaceful while freeing up your mind.

Everything Needs to Have a Home

There should be a place for every practical item in your house. If you remove the item from its space to use it, then it should return to its home.

Sometimes we put items in non-traditional places while we’re using them, which makes it easy to set them down and walk away. This builds clutter over time, especially if you tell yourself you’ll “deal with it later.” Likely, you’re so busy that you won’t! 

Putting your items in a spot that doesn’t move and is easily accessible (i.e. nothing needs to be moved out of the way) makes it easier to keep your spaces clean and organized. You also won’t lose your items as often if you know where they’re supposed to be!

Get the Whole Household Involved

Moms, Erika says, tend to be the “keepers” in the family. They’re the ones who often do their best to maintain order and organization in the house. When you have small children, you may need to let go of the idea of having a completely spotless house. There’s only so much you can do with little kids running around!

Instead, focus on what your kids can help you with. Involve them in cleaning up the playroom, putting their laundry in a basket, or putting away dishes in cabinets at their level. Teaching them the basics of cleaning up helps them build necessary life skills and responsibility while keeping their house organized. 

You can instill these lessons in older children as well. The more hands to help, the more organized you’ll be!

The Mental Declutter

The more you physically declutter your space, the more your mind will empty, too. A clean bedroom helps you to sleep better, and neat living spaces remove the element of chaos from your mind and allow your thoughts to flow more clearly. 

But what if you tell yourself that you can’t be organized? If you continue to tell yourself that story, you won’t be able to get organized because your brain will try to prove you right. Instead of sitting in the overwhelm, start with something small and easy.

Don’t jump right into your home office if there are papers everywhere. Try cleaning the trash out of your car, or pick up the soccer ball that’s been rolling around for months. Once you accomplish one thing, you’re far more likely to continue into other areas of your home. 

Then, when that small space is clean, try to maintain it for a week. Your goal is to throw out old habits and build new, better ones. Remember, there is no judgment or shame! 

Save Time & Money

Once you’re living with less, you’re no longer scrambling to find what you need. You’re no longer overwhelmed by your kids losing a backpack in the morning or five boxes of cereal in your cabinet. Organizing your space removes obstacles from your daily routine, which saves you time searching for objects or rapidly cleaning up before the company arrives at your door.

Organizing also helps you from overspending. When you can’t find what you need, this leads to investing more into items you know you own, but have disappeared. This removes financial clutter from your path, saves you money, and frees up time replacing everything.

Erika admits that when you’re starting this organization process, it often gets worse before it gets better. Decluttering takes an upfront time commitment, but if you break it down into small spaces and tackle each one from easiest to hardest, you save your future self more time and create more peace in your daily life. 

Get on Sunny Spaces’ Schedule While You Can

Sunny Spaces is a growing 5-star-rated company with high demand for their service. They receive consistent inquiries, referrals, and returning clients who are happy with their work, and we love to support them with their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail marketing, and SEO. 

Want to learn how Erika can help you? You can follow Sunny Spaces Organizing on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her website at https://www.sunnyspacesorganizing.com/.

Check out these photos of Erika and the Sunny Spaces Organizing team taken by MEDIA!

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