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Looking for Eye-Catching Photos for Your Social Media to Attract those Ideal, High-End Clients? Look No Further!

Hey, there! Are you looking for a dedicated, creative photography team to capture your personality and essence of your business in a fun, relaxing, and professional way for you to share on your social media accounts?

Check out what our team of elite creative photographers did for our dream client, Tracy Armstrong.


Tracy Armstrong is the Owner and Founder of North Pittsburgh Greeting Company- a business that welcomes all the new homeowners in the North Pittsburgh Area with information about local businesses in the area.

Tracy has been a beloved dream client of ours for the past year. The team of creative photographers with MEDIA helped Tracy capture stunning, professional photos so that she can promote her business on all her business social media platforms. Her determined attitude and creativity helps our team bring her vision to life.

After working with our expert team, Tracy understands the importance of having a consistent online presence. Her eye-catching photos have helped her gain dozens of new dream clients and her audience has drastically increased since partnering her online content with MEDIA’s social media strategies and photography.


Here is what Tracy had to say about working with MEDIA:

“I was very pleased with their professionalism and knowledge of their service. I would recommend Media for all of your business needs!”


If you are looking to up-scale your business and strengthen the relationship with your online audience all while being your true, authentic self, you may need to think about adding professional photos to your online marketing. MEDIA helps business owners, like you and Tracy, increase your online exposure with stunning media and online content so that your dream clients see your stunning photos online and stop their scroll- and see you as the must-have expert.


Contact us today to receive a free Strategy Call that could help you gain clarity and direction for you and your business marketing.


If you want to learn more about Tracy and North Pittsburgh Greeting company and how she helps business owners and new homeowners in the area and see more of her photos, visit their website or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!

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