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Magnify Your Instagram Engagement and Cultivate Your Ideal Audience with the Top Ten Tips to Grow Your Instagram Engagement!

There’s so much you can do to grow your Instagram engagement, but there’s so many entrepreneurs who get lost in what goes into it.


For many entrepreneurs, there are so many steps and constantly changing aspects of growing your Instagram engagement that it becomes a chore. Honestly, it can feel like a lot, and we understand where you’re coming from.


However, growing your engagement could be the key to growing your potential audience and your client base! By engaging actively with your potential audience, you’re showing them who you are, what you do, and what it’s like to work with you.


Growing your engagement in this way encourages your audience to stop standing on the sidelines and work with someone who wants to serve them. Better yet, it will help attract those who want to work with you. You’ll attract your ideal audience.


That begs the question, “How can I increase my Instagram engagement?” That’s why we’ve compiled the top ten way that you can grow your Instagram engagement online. 


These steps will give you the guidance you need to get your account off the ground and start reaching the ideal audience you’ve dreamed of.


Use Bold Photos


It’s time to face it, we live in the visual age of social media. When it comes to drawing in your ideal audience, the first element you need is stunning photos. Well taken, professional photos connect you with your audience and ultimately draw them toward what you have to say.


Professional photography is the eye catching element that gets your ideal audience’s attention.

It allows them to relate to you, and it let’s them attach a face and a personality to your business. Letting yourself stand out among the crowd with professional photos is 


Sharable content


There is so much your business does on a daily basis, but how much have you committed to sharing what you do? Whether it’s through professional photos, compelling content, testimonials, or an instagram story about your service, you can use that to reach your audience.


By sharing any of this content, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to reach out to someone new or reach out to those who’ve been listening. It acts as active encouragement for them to participate in your business and increase your Instagram engagement.


Tagging Other Accounts 


By tagging other accounts, you are opening the door to more of your potential audience that follows pages like yours or pages you follow yourself. Whether it’s for a promotion or for other reasons, when you tag other accounts on your posts, it increases the chance that that account’s audience will see and interact with that post as well.


When they interact with the post, those interactions drive your engagement on the app upward. This means that Instagram will spread your account to more people on the app. When Instagram exposes your account to more people, that means it will reach more of your potential audience.




It’s no secret that hashtags help to engage your ideal audience, but how do you use them effectively? The first step is to use hashtags that apply to your business and your message. If it’s not what you want to project into the world, then it’s not going to grow the audience your desire.


We recommend using around twenty hashtags. It’s enough to reach a large group of people, but not so many that it will flood your following with undesired accounts. A combination of incredibly popular and less popular hashtags will also help reach a wider group of your potential audience.




It’s important to make sure that you are engaging with other accounts on a consistent basis to curate your Instagram. But what’s the best way to go about it? There’s a strategy called the $1.80 method that instructs users in the ways to optimally engage with other accounts.


In this method, you choose a hashtag that relates to your content, likely one that you use yourself, and view the most popular nine posts. From there you leave a meaningful comment relating to the posts content to boost engagement. We recommend posting to accounts that relate to your own with content that matches your message. For more information on the $1.80 method, click here.


Analyze Your Content


When you put your content and your message out into the world, it’s important to ensure that your content is clear and concise. Your content is your audience’s gateway into knowing you and knowing what you do. 


Before you put your content and message into the world you have to ask yourself if your audience knows what you do. Ask yourself, “Will my audience know exactly what I do? Will they feel that I have spoken directly to their needs? Have I given them a call to action to follow to engage with my post or content?” Once you can answer these questions, you’ll know you’re content is on the right track.


Collaborate With Others


Did you know that Instagram has given you the ability to turn tagging into a collaborative event? Now when you tag someone in a post, you can invite them to become a collaborator on that post. At that point, it will appear as if you both posted it.


This type of collaboration is perfect for growing your post views and overall engagement. This will allow the audience of both accounts to engage with your post. It will also indicate that you are someone that your collaborator’s audience wants to follow and listen to, thus growing your own audience.




Posting your content to your stories is an excellent way to boost your engagement and interactions on Instagram. By using stories, you can direct your audience to your posts, encourage others to share your stories and posts, and reach a wider audience.


On top of that, you can encourage your clients to post about the work you do to their own stories. When they do, you can share that story as a testimonial to your story in order to give your business more legitimacy in the minds of your audience.




Everybody loves winning free stuff, especially if they feel it will benefit them in the long run. Whether it’s a product, service, or a 1:1 meeting with you regarding your business, people will always flock to your content if it means they can win something.


Sweepstakes like these also help to drive the engagement on your posts! When you incorporate your sweepstakes into your content, it encourages your potential audience to become an active participant in that content. This will help to drive engagement which will tell Instagram to widen your net.




All of these tips will do wonders for your Instagram engagement, but there’s one element that will make your engagement grow exponentially. The last step is to be consistent. When you consistently take these steps to grow your engagement, your account and audience will grow continuously.


Making these steps a daily routine for your business’s Instagram won’t just open the door for your audience, it will break it down. 


These aspects will help you open the path to new clients and a wider audience for your Instagram. They have been tried and tested by so many entrepreneurs, and we know this because it’s how we help our own clients.


At MEDIA – The Creative Agency, we use these exact same tactics to help our clients grow their engagement, attract more of their ideal audience, and bring in more clients who want to work with them.


By engaging in this way, we have helped so many clients grow their reach and attract clients that they didn’t even know were considering their service. It just goes to show that engagement matters, so why would you deprive yourself of the opportunity to grow?


If you want to grow your Instagram audience and engagement, then we encourage you to contact us! We provide every single service listed above and so much more to drive your business forward.

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