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How to Make Your Online Presence Pop with Engagement

Are you allowing your audience to REALLY connect with you?

You might be posting on social media and sending out emails, but you’re noticing the engagement isn’t what you want it to be. Even though you’re showing up, are you doing so in a way that’s gripping, scroll-stopping, and authentic?

These are three of the criteria we have for the content we create at MEDIA, particularly when it comes to professional photos and videos. People are naturally curious and want to both know and see you in order to feel connected to you. This means that when you present yourself online, you want to do so in a way that makes your audience hone in. 

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Sue Fattibene and feature her on our Mindset Moves show! Sue is a Life Coach and Business Strategist and a self-proclaimed spitfire southern gal who will help you create a life worth living. You can find her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram @songbird.sue, and visit her website, http://suefattibene.com/.

So how can you enhance your online presence with professional photos and behind-the-scenes videos? Let’s talk about how they cause your audience to lean into your message, trust you, and reach out to you. 

Your Audience Loves Seeing You

What are you more likely to be interested in: a logo or a picture of a person? Studies routinely show that we are drawn to photos of people. While graphics and logos have their merit, photos show WHO you are and tell your audience more than brand colors will.

Are you a serious person? Do you laugh with your clients? Is your approach to give it to your clients straight or do you have a gentler method? All of this can come across in photos and videos. Remember: you’re not for everyone, so you want to connect with the leads who mesh with your personality!

Behind-the-scenes videos also give your audience a peek behind the curtain. We’re all curious about who you are and what you’re like, so these insights help to warm your potential clients quicker and pull them into your world. Once they’re in your bubble, they’ll absorb your content and continue leaning into your message as long as they get to see you.

Then, when they’re ready, they’ll reach out and already feel like they know you. This makes closing those leads much easier, and you can often close them faster. 

You Give the WOW Factor

While we are more capable than ever of snapping a quick photo with our phones, that technology still doesn’t match up with a professional camera and the skills of the photographer. 

Remember, photographers don’t just come equipped with the gear but the knowledge, skills, and experience to capture you in your best light. From angles, lighting, posing, and using the environment to your advantage, they know it all!

These photos and videos provide the WOW factor. They’re clear and stunning, and make you look your best. Your audience will be naturally drawn to your page and captions to learn more about who you are. When you look professional, you are already one step ahead of gaining the trust of potential clients. That trust is necessary for your ideal clients to reach out to you and hire you. 

Amplify Your Message

Having the photos and videos is one thing, but the magic happens when you pair it with strong copy!

You may have an incredible message written and ready to post, and you know you’re competing with algorithms all across social media. Having photos that pop and draw the eye double the chances of someone pausing long enough to read your post. Those are the odds you want!

When you put photos and videos that match the tone of your posts, and the imagery itself is engaging, you amplify the power of your presence. This leads your potential clients to follow you, stay in your world, and reach out once they develop the trust they need to believe you are their solution.

And how do you create that trust? By continuing to show up with those photos and videos!

Ready for Your Feature?

Contact us to find out how you can be featured on our MEDIAZINE and get all the perks that come with it, just like Sue.

Speaking of Sue, take a look at these stunning photos that our Head Photographer Briana Rose captured of her! 

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