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Makin Wellness’s Stunning Headshots, Group Photos, and Environmental Photos

Does your business need to be updated through photographs? Whether your business is a few years old, or a few days old, the MEDIA team will be dedicated to making sure that you and your team have headshots, team photos, or even environmental photos so that you can attract those dream clients.

Sara Makin, of Makin Wellness, wanted to make sure that she and her team had stunning photographs to update her website. With her clients in mind, she wanted to make sure that her photos looked warm and welcoming. Media came on-site, to capture individual headshots, group photos, as well as environmental photographs.

To learn more about Sara and her amazing team, check out their website!

If your business needs this type of update, contact us! When you hire our dedicated team by the end of the month, you could be eligible to have your business featured in our big event held later this year in front of hundreds live and thousands virtually!

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