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Dr. Shellie Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, President of the Global Sisterhood, and Editor in Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine. It is through these platforms she started, that her vision of helping women from around the world came to life.

Through Inspiring Lives International, comes EmpowerU, which has a seven-week masterclass that helps women find “Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance” according to the website. There is also the VIP one-on-ones where those who are enrolled in the course can have a session with Dr. Hipsky. In addition, Dr. Hipsky has also started the Brilliant Business Board where women come together to help you thrive in your business and help you brainstorm the next steps to take.

Dr. Hipsky’s Global Sisterhood is an organization she started to help women around the world feel empowered. According to the Global Sisterhood website, they “guide and support women and girls towards their dreams and goals”.

For more information on Inspiring Lives International, click here!

For more information on the Global Sisterhood, click here!

Dr. Hipsky wanted to show all of the traits of these amazing organizations through videos that MEDIA: The Creative Agency created. Did you know that video is the number one form of online marketing in 2020? It is a way to tell your story and talk about your business in a way that is attractive to your online audience!

Creating a video that is attractive to your online audience can be done from home! Although your video may not look professional, you can create Facebook and Instagram Lives that will draw people in to hear what you have to say. By doing things in your videos like introducing yourself and telling your story of why you started your business, you are bringing a personality to your brand that can attract those dream online clients you have wanted to bring in for some time now. Here are some other ways to personalize your videos and create attention-grabbing content:

  • Making eye contact with the camera. This method will help hold your audience’s attention because they will feel like you are holding eye contact with them.
  • Speaking directly to your ideal audience. By doing this, you are making your ideal clients feel like you understand them and that they need to know more from you. They will feel like you can be trusted
  • Call-To-Action (CTA). Your dream clients in the audience have now watched your video and are at the very end. At this point, they are invested in hearing what else you have to say. They feel that they can relate to what you have said and also feel like they have gotten to know you and your brand more. By stating a call to action at the end of your video, such as “join us!”, will cause your ideal clients to say “YES!”

Creating a video with some of these pointers and posting it to social media can seem daunting. You may want a team to help you create the right content to attract your clients. Contact us for more information on our social media management service, where we strategize with you on the type of clients you would like to attract and how you can attract them through social media posts. We can also produce copy that is directed for your specific clients you are attracting, as well as posting to multiple social media platforms.

If you want even more information on how to attract your dream online client, social media strategies, and how to use video in attracting your dream clients, then you’ll want to join our exclusive online event THIS THURSDAY! This is not a sales pitch thinly veiled by some teaching. This is a training full of valuable information that can help you and your business! You will even receive personalized assistance with the Q&A portion! Tickets are very limited. The event is almost fully booked so you’ll want to order yours today through the Eventbrite link found here!


MEDIA: The Creative Agency has a podcast!  Check out this weeks installment on Podomatic and iTunes!


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