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Pittsburgh Media Company, MEDIA – The Creative Agency, interviews Amanda Becker of Appleseed Events

MEDIA got to know Amanda Becker as a fellow member of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce when she lead the charge of marketing and event planning for a beloved local nonprofit. Now, with all the expertise and acts of kindness under her belt, she decided to spread her talents and joy to all the fellow small business owners and organizations in the area. Even through her ever-filling event calendar, she took a moment to sit with our MEDIA-zine team and tell us a bit about her business.

MEDIA-zine: What made you decide to start Appleseed Events?

Amanda: I’ve always wanted to own my own business. My parents started a business a long time ago, Allgreen, and I was always involved to some degree since when I was little. It was something I always admired and wanted to do. And I’ve always been an event planner. I grew up in a neighborhood with a ton of kids, and one of my favorite things to do was plan all the games, and it was so much more fun for me to plan the Barbie fashion show rather than be in the barbie fashion show.


MEDIA-zine: What has been an exciting project that you’ve worked on or that you’ve got coming up?

Amanda: One that I have coming up that I just started working on is the Lake Arthur Regata. It’s a whole new ballpark for me that’s going to be really exciting because I’m going to get to work with a whole team. Usually I bring my own people to help on site. With the regatta, I have the opportunity to work within the framework of an established event which an outstanding board of directors, and also to choose my own team, which is exciting

And one of the most exciting events so far for me that I’ve done already,  was to kick off my business. It was called Eggfest. It was a celebration of grilling! It got a lot of good press! It’s been a good success story for events used for marketing for businesses, because we got a few newspaper articles written on it, a radio spot, a magazine feature, and I got to support a charity!


MEDIA-zine: Oh! What was the charity?

Amanda: That one was for the South Butler Community Meals on Wheels. That’s a charity that we’ve been involved in with my family for years because they helped my Grandmother a long, long time ago.

And we had the event at Allgreen, my family’s business, and that was really neat to kick off my business with this event, and also to help out their business by getting them involved.


MEDIA-zine: What make you feel the most love from a client?

Amanda: Their smile at the end of an event – they see it all come together, and they realize that it was a pretty simple process for them, and they don’t even have to think about all the little things. One of my recent clients at the end of his event said, “Not only did you put this together, but you wrangled me in!” For me, seeing his happy face and hearing him say that at the end, was pretty fun.


MEDIA-Zine: What are your goals for 2019?

Amanda: (Laughs) Probably too many goals for 2019! I wanna do 35 events. I already have 21 contracted. I need to hire some people, and I want to also become a certified Woman-Owned Business this year.


MEDIA-Zine: What excites you most about what is to come in 2019?

Amanda: I’m really excited about the variety of events that I’ll get to do because there’s so many new things for me to learn also within all of these events.


MEDIA-Zine: What’s the #1 industry tip you want to give readers thinking of planning an event?

Amanda: The #1 thing you want to AVOID, is having an event and ignoring your guests. When you do it all, you don’t get a chance to have fun with your guests. You end up wasting your money and your time thinking about it all, and you’re stuck in all the details of the event, and you don’t get to pay attention to the people in the room at the event. Even if you don’t think you need to get help with the event planning ahead of time, I always tell people to at least get somebody on site to manage the event, so you can enjoy it!


You can find out more about Amanda and Appleseed Events at Appleseedeventspgh.com.

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