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Want to learn how they do it? MEDIAZINE Interviews Matthew Mckenna of Matthew McKenna Realty Group


Do YOU feel like you could be giving back to your clients more? MEDIA- The Creative Agency interviews Matthew McKenna Group of Keller Williams Realty on their growth and strategies and how to create strong client base relationships. Meet Matt with us and learn more about all the wonderful things they have accomplished.


MEDIA-ZINE : Hi Matthew! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today. To get started, why did you choose this career path?


MATT : Well, I grew up around real estate. My mom worked in the industry under my grandparents. I would go to the office with her so I got to see and hear a lot about transactions and listings. Growing up in that environment made me comfortable and confident with the industry.


MEDIA-ZINE: Oh, neat! Does your family still own their business?


MATT: No. Actually, when the time came to pass it on to someone, I was too young and didn’t have my license yet. I was only 17. But I did get my license shortly after that in 2007 and decided to stick with the field and start one in my own name.


MEDIA-ZINE: Tell us about your growth after that. What would you say contributes the most to successful development?


MATT: Dedication to prospecting. I’ve had sales jobs my entire career- every job since I was 16 was a sales commission job. That made me really comfortable on the phone speaking to clients, making cold calls. I continued what I learned in sales on my own rather than solely relying on family business, you know? A lot of people think that if your line of work runs in your family then you’ll get business sent that way, but that’s definitely not the case. I started pounding on the phones since day one. Calling Expireds, Calling For Sale by Owners. (chuckles) A lot of business comes from referrals but I didn’t start that way. Prospecting is what really drives sales for us.


MEDIA-ZINE: Can you tell us a bit about prospecting in a nutshell?


MATT: Prospecting and marketing are both ways to build sales. Prospecting is basically calling friends and family, church members, anyone who owns a house etc. Essentially, calling out for business and reaching out in that way. I didn’t really have the budget to do marketing when I first started, and I didn’t rely on friends and family.  


MEDIA-ZINE: Once you built that foundation, how did you continue a loyal customer relationship?


MATT: Last year we realized we had about 1000 past clients and we had to start paying close attention to them and really listening to them to understand what they wanted. We started doing giveaways, raffles, and client appreciations. Last year we gave away thanksgiving dinner, 40 backpacks full of school supplies for back to school, and had a contest to giveaway a ps4 for christmas which was a big hit! Our goal is to be more client focused. Our team advocate, Sarah, speaks to our clients and she’s just great with them. My wife, Katie, helps with building strong client relationships by identifying and addressing any questions or concerns they may have. That’s been our big focus for the past 18 months to 2 years.


MEDIA-ZINE: Awesome! Well it seems to work well for you! Is there anything you want to put out there for our readers to know?


MATT: Yeah, I’d say client relationship is our main focus. Also, I have a team here in Erie, we’re working on our team in Buffalo and one in Florida. Our goal is to build our business on prospecting in all these cities, but we’re switching directions and looking more to our clients and reaching out to their friends and families and building from them to have stronger relationships.


You can learn  more about Matthew McKenna Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty at https://www.northpittsburghre.com/


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Again,  this MEDIA e-zine issue feature was of Matthew McKenna, Owner of Matthew McKenna Realty.


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