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Professional Business Photography for You to Start Attracting High-End Clients With Your Social Media Accounts

As a dedicated and professional business owner, you want to showcase  your business in the best way possible. You want to have your online audience stop in their tracks and say, “Wow!”, when they see your posts. You want to be able to build your credibility and SHINE so that your new, ideal clients come your way.


What better way to do that than to hire an equally dedicated photography agency to capture your business in a stunning, professional way that will leave your audience impressed?


Media – The Creative Agency’s elite photography team helped one of our dream clients, Curtis Armstrong, by capturing stunning professional photos for his website, business materials, and social media accounts. Our team of creatives has been helping Curtis with all his virtual marketing needs so that he can be seen to his audience as the best of the best – as he should!

Curtis created Trust Enterprises (previously known as ISO).  He has been named USA VP of Operations for International Company (2015), been named top 10 in sales in the USA NorthEast region, and has excelled at management for local banks.

Curtis understands the basics of payment processing, and has a desire to help small, local businesses with their credit card processing with an honest, determined personality.


MEDIA was brought on to show the world just how wonderful his business really is! With stunning new photos like these, Curtis has been able to increase his online visibility, and with our social media management team, he has been able to show up consistently on his audiences news feeds. His business accounts have been designed by our team, his content has been specifically written by our team for his ideal audience, and his photos look amazing!

Check out Curtis’s photos taken by MEDIA’s photographers below!

These photo’s will be paired with the wonderful content our team has created for Total Card Processing, and will be posted to all his social media accounts by our Social Media Management Team.

Our social media management is totally different than what you see out there. We strategize with you specifically as the person that you are…and help you get super clear on who your ideal high-end client is so that when we can write content for you, your social media and web presence speaks directly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel compelled to reach out to you when they read it.


If you’re ready to reach more of your high-end clients online so that by the time they reach out to you, they already feel personally connected to you and loyal to you, then contact us today. So that you can get results like these…

  • Steve Deal – who within a few weeks of us helping him to craft an offer irresistible to his audience and promoting it for him, he made $15k from one client already in his audience.
  •  Tracy Armstrong who doubled her social audience and saw her inquiries flooding in once we took over her e-mail and social media after just a few weeks.
  • Marcie Crow, who went from being the unknown candidate with zero social media channels to the elected candidate thanks to our social media management.

And now Curtis – who has seen a follower increase in his social media pages since working with us!

To learn more about Curtis Armstrong and see more of examples of our work, head on over to his Facebook Page, Instagram, and LinkedIn or visit his website!


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