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How to Captivate Your Ideal Audience and Draw Them into Your Social Media Marketing – Featuring Wendy Neely


What can you do to leave a lasting impression through your online marketing?


When entrepreneurs see other companies using colorful graphics online, they immediately want to create the same kind of content.


It makes sense at first. Certainly they’re grabbing people’s attention, and you want to see the same kind of results.


When you’re trying to make a deeper connection with your audience, you want to present your authentic self. The best way to do that is through your copy, but your copy isn’t going to get your foot into their door.


Your ideal audience follows you because they believe that you’re authentic. So the best way to present your business is through professional photos of you in your business! It gives them a clear image of who you are and what you do.


But that’s just one thing professional photographs can do for your business. Here’s a few more reasons why professional photographs are the best option. 


Professional Photos cut through the noise


When everyone and their mother has the ability to post, it’s fair to say social media gets pretty cluttered. There’s something on every app that’s competing for everyone’s attention. Yes, that includes the attention of your ideal audience.


You want those eyes on your content, so many entrepreneurs think the best idea is to follow graphic trends. However, when you start making graphics that look like everyone else’s, you just start blending into the rest of the crowd. With professional photographs, you’re allowing your ideal audience to just see you. You’ll be cutting through the clutter that they’re always going to scroll past.


Professional Photos give your message a voice


When you create compelling copy, you want your ideal audience to get an idea of your voice. However, when you compliment that copy with a graphic, you’re not giving your ideal audience a chance to feel the real you! Sure, they might recognize the cadence, but they don’t get an idea of the tone.


The truth is, your voice is so much more than the words you’re putting onto the page. Your voice comes from your body language and expressions as well. By using professional photographs, you’re giving your ideal audience a taste of your entire self.


Professional Photos build a better bond of trust


You write compelling copy to touch the hearts of your ideal audience, but if you’re pairing graphics with that copy, then your images aren’t putting in the same amount of leg work. You’re attempting to build a bond of trust, so why would you hide yourself behind a graphic?


By using professional photography, you’re showing your ideal audience that your business isn’t faceless. You’re showing your audience that you are your business, and they will feel more attached to a business that has a person behind it that they can empathize with!


Professional Photos link your reputation to your company


When your ideal audience can put your face to your company’s name, they link the two in their mind. Professional photos link you to your company’s brand and message. It shows you stand by what you’re saying and that you believe in your message.


Promoting that trust with your professional photographs will draw people to you because you’ve told them you stand by your business. You’ve told them that you are your business, and you’ll give them the best because it’s not just money on the line.


These are just a few of the benefits that using professional photographs will get you. They’re the same benefits Wendy Neely is experiencing through the professional photos she’s received from us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency.


Wendy Neely is the founder and CEO of two astounding brands, Butt Naked PGH and Fit America PA Weightloss Spa. Both of these businesses are dedicated to making each of their clients lead healthier lives through natural, holistic methods all for your benefit.


Fit America PA Weightloss Spa! Fit America PA provides two body contouring methods Cryoskin and Lipo laser for targeted fat reduction, along with self care services like infrared saunas and the only private Himalayan salt room around, and takes that self care experience even further. They’re committed to providing industry-leading, nontoxic, holistic methods to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


They focus on the way we view food and focus on weight loss, food management, and fat reduction. They also pride themselves on their integrative approach to health by combining alternative Weightloss/wellness treatments with the latest advances in non-invasive technology.


Standing proudly alongside Fit America PA is their esthetic spa, Butt Naked PGH. providing a modern day spa experience for their clients through fantastic services such as Cryoskin, customized skin care facialsLED  treatments,  and even 24kt gold facials!  


They also offer full body waxing, organic spray tans and more. Butt Naked longs to provide its clients with everything available to them that will help them beat the aging process and feel as though healthier each time you come through their doors.


Through her new portfolio of professional photos, Wendy’s audience is even more enthralled in her online marketing. She also invites her guests to check in to her location on Facebook when they arrive in exchange for trying one of the many healthy treats they offer in their storefront. 


It’s time to be like Wendy!


If you’re looking for a stunning portfolio of professional photographs for your business, then contact us! We’ll work with you to create eye-catching photographs that will turn all heads toward your business.


If you want to learn more about Wendy Neely and her businesses, then you can visit Butt Naked’s website or their Facebook page! Don’t forget to also stop by Fit America PA’s website and Facebook page to extend your personal health goals even further! And you can follow them on instagram at @fitamericapa and @buttnakedpgh


Keep scrolling to see the photos we took with Wendy at Butt Naked!










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