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How to Enthrall your Ideal Audience and Stop Them in Their Social Media Scroll – Featuring Sam Bauer

You won’t attract more of your ideal audience with just graphics.


It’s the truth. 


Using vibrant graphics is useful, but it won’t be the piece of your business’s puzzle that draws in your ideal audience.


If you want to ensure that your audience will be drawn into what you have to say and feel even more compelled to work with you, then you need something that packs a personal punch.


This is where the true value of professional photography comes to light. By using professional photographs to promote yourself and your business, you’re opening new doors for your ideal audience.


By using professional photographs, you’re allowing your ideal audience to see the face behind the business. You’re allowing them to empathize with you as a business owner and perceive what it’s like working with you.


Your ideal audience won’t just trust any business, but they WILL connect with faces and the real people behind your brand. Allowing them to see your business as they see you will only encourage them to work with you.


Most people know a business by its logo and slogan. It often makes them seem faceless. By using professional photos, you’re allowing them to put a face to the name. This is the personal touch that draws in your audience.


What you’re creating by using professional photos is a bond of trust with your audience. You’re forging trust by showing that you’re putting your face to your business, and your audience will notice.


However, that’s just one reason to start promoting yourself with photos. There’s plenty of reasons to use them to promote yourself and your business.


They’ll Stop Your Audience’s Scroll

Graphics are fine for promotions and inspiring words, but they won’t do very much to draw your ideal audience’s eye. Professional photographs allow you to stand out, and it makes your ideal audience want to pay attention.


Your ideal audience will lend you an ear when they know the person who’s speaking to them. It feels as though you are reaching out as a person rather than a business. They’ll stop their scroll when they feel like you’re speaking with them through your message and professional photographs.


They Show What It’s Like to Work with You

People get nervous when they need a service but they don’t know who they’ll be working with. However, by using professional photographs to promote yourself, you’re giving them a glimpse of what that is like.


Professional photographs allow them to see themselves in that experience. They’ll feel like they’ve already met you through your photos and being enthralled in what you have to say. They’ll feel like they already know what you’ll be like to work with.


Photographs Place You as the Expert

You know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to your business, but showing your audience you do is another story. Professional photographs help show your audience that you know what you’re doing when it comes to serving them. 


Using photographs of yourself in the workplace and helping those you serve does wonders to plant that impression in their mind. They’ll gain the perception that you are someone who can help them because you have experience.


These are just a few of the reasons that professional photography is one of the best ways to promote your business online.


They’re the same reasons Sam Bauer contacted us at MEDIA – The Creative Agency when she wanted to start promoting her business.


Samantha Bauer is an Agency Owner with Goosehead Insurance located in Saxonburg, PA. Goosehead Insurance is an insurance company that provides home and auto insurance using cutting-edge technology.


Samantha joined Goosehead because of her unwavering commitment to take care of her clients. She takes the time to review all of the options and customizes a policy based on the unique risks and desires of each client.


After her session, Sam was able to use a vast portfolio of professional photos to use to promote her business. With our help, Sam is using professional photos to spread her reach and gain more of her ideal audience’s attention.


Be like Sam 😉


If you’re looking to have a professional photography session, then contact us! We’ll deliver an amazing portfolio that will enthrall your ideal audience.


To find out more about Sam and her Goosehead Insurance Agency, visit their site to see how they can help you with your home and auto insurance!


Keep scrolling to see the amazing photos from Sam Bauer!











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