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Secrets from the Diaries of 6 & 7 Figure Women Business Leaders

The days of trying to navigate what seems to be cryptic business success stories on your own are in the past. There are now many who have a desire to uplift through sharing how others can shift into next-level entrepreneurs. They do this by revealing ways they have achieved success in their business endeavors. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the “why is this happening to me” mindset in business when things are not going so well. We wonder what we have done wrong, and what reasons there are for these things to be happening to us. 

However, what if we shifted that mindset to something more along the lines of this specific downfall is not a downfall at all, but rather an important lesson to be learned for us to grow and prosper? 

In this week’s issue, we are featuring four highly successful women business owners including Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Kelsie Baldé, Erika Maddamma, Lisa Fera, and MEDIA’s CEO Marta Sauret Greca! Who is ready to read on about what they have to say regarding secrets to business failure, and how to rise from it? They also throw in some tips on goal strategizing! Let’s dive further in to see what they have to say. 

Secrets On Professional Transformation 

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is no stranger to the pivots necessary to get to the next steps when one is embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. In fact, she states that it was “those pivots I’ve had to make that have made all the difference in the world.” Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Director of The Global Sisterhood Nonprofit 501(c)(3), and Editor and Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine

In the emotional roller coasters felt by Hipsky during her business ventures the time came when she had to become crystal clear on her vision. She had to focus on what exactly her mission was and what was essential for her business. It was in this way that her clients would be best served. Through implementing this necessary step she was able to experience significant growth. 

As business owners, you can relate to the uncertainty of which direction you maybe should take. However, when you keep your target audience in mind and understand what their core needs are, then you can begin to be of better service to the right client base. 

Lessons Still Learned

For Kelsie Baldé, her recognition of being a people pleaser, and understanding that she cannot possibly serve everyone was a pivotal point in her business. “The biggest thing is you never stop learning,” states Baldé. 

Baldé is the owner of Hair Enhancements, where they create custom wigs and hair toppers for women who are experiencing hair loss. Building confidence in women is their priority. 

“Marketing lessons also have been huge,” says Baldé. An important way to be an asset to others is to remember to refer out clients who may not be the right fit for you. Working in collaboration with other businesses is truly a great way to show others you care, and bring potential leads back to you! 

The Benefit of A Coach

Seeking expertise in the areas you are interested in providing services to your clients, is an excellent course of action for any aspiring entrepreneur. This is exactly the direction Erika Maddamma took in her business, as she has been receiving life coaching since 2019. “I contribute a lot of my success to getting coached,” states Maddamma.

Erika Maddamma is the owner of Sunny Spaces Organizing, a professional home-organizing company that puts solutions into place for families, so they can easily maintain their homes going forward. There are plenty of ways that you can envision what a clearly defined space for your home could do for your day-to-day life! This could allow for more flexibility in managing your time, an environment of calm and serenity to encompass your home, and simply having the satisfaction that everything has its place and is easily accessible. 

Maddamma has experienced a level of success that has allowed her business to now acquire eight employees! They have been servicing the Pittsburgh area for three years.

Why Vision Matters

Lisa is a vision extraordinaire. Her accomplishments are ones which many may wish to attain. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just took some time to map out what you want most out of your personal and professional life? 

Lisa Fera is your go-to financial representative as she helps people make money and save money. Her history of high achievement in managing over $200 million in companies, and assets, and managing ownership of private jets, among other businesses speaks volumes as to how she can assist people “on the route they need to go to help them get out of debt,” states Fera. 

Fera states the importance of a vision board, “My biggest mistake was not doing a vision board.” A vision board can help you clearly define, in a creative way what you want to make come to fruition either professionally, personally, or both. “Making sure your day is moving toward your goal,” is a valuable piece of advice offered by Fera for all of you entrepreneurs working to get to the next level. 

Secrets Revealed

Our very own CEO at MEDIA – The Creative Agency, Marta Sauret Greca, fessed up to what she feels was one of her very own biggest mistakes when it comes to growing and running her business. She admitted that her biggest lesson learned from her mistakes was making financial decisions out of fear instead of love and expansion for her mission and vision.

She said she spent tends of thousands if not hundreds of thousands utilizing team and systems, processes, and lifestyle habits that she THOUGHT she SHOULD be as a multi-six figure CEO, rather than making decisions of discernment and being a good shepherd of her wealth from a place of love and divinity. She also expressed she left hundreds of thousands on the table by letting past clients out of agreements and contracts for the mere reason of wanting to be seen as laid back, trustworthy, well-liked, understanding, and in other words, nice, rather than coming from a place of good standards and boundaries that would have best served her clients, herself, her family, her company and her team. These were expensive lessons to learn, but she firmly believes in everything happening as it should be and that there are no such things as missed opportunities or waste but rather all very important lessons to grow and expand from. 

Intention to Connection

When you decide that it is time to move forward with making your business the priority and know that what you offer is worthy of being presented to people, this is when the next steps can be pursued. Focus on the plan and execute it to its fullest potential, and see the growth that can happen.

You were just introduced to five exceptional leaders in their industries who have navigated their journeys with bumps in the road and have found solutions. You absolutely can too! 

The right path is different for each entrepreneur, however, one thing is for certain, we each can lean into the knowledge and encouragement of one another’s experiences and guidance to forge a community of support. 

The women featured in this issue are all generously pouring their wisdom out to provide some secrets of their own to provide value for you, so you can take what they have learned and excel! And hopefully, you will pass it on for a trickle effect of uplifting entrepreneurship everywhere! 

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