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Shift These 3 Key Things to Become a Client Magnet

You’re a busy business leader, business owner, entrepreneur, you name it. You don’t have time for fluff. You certainly aren’t interested in clicking on something to read that you then realize is filled with stuff you already knew. That’s why we wrote this week’s MEDIAZINE. Any marketer can tell you to be consistent online, to utilize ads, and to host events. But it’s the HOW that does the trick. Often you might feel like you’ve been there and done that, only to come out wondering if you’re even doing it right because you’re not so sure that it’s working! 

Here is how to shift three key things to accentuate the power of magnetizing your ideal clients with content creation, ad spend, and hosting events that you promote via Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Today we’re talking ads, events, and organic content.

Everyone talks about consistency on social media but – As marketing experts who have been serving countless clients and helping them make millions every year, we’ve tested and experienced that it’s not enough to just post daily in terms of consistency. You’ve got to have an endpoint in mind. What’s your goal? For example, do you need to hire more people because your clientele is growing exponentially, like some of our clients? Or do you have a specific service or product you just launched that you’d like to sell out? Then take that goal and talk about it for a month. Yes, a month! But not in the way of every single day saying things like “I have this thing. It’s on special. Buy it now.” Of course, that would repel your clients. What we mean is, to create content in the form of hitting various emotional points to drill in the idea that you have this amazing thing you offer. Write entertaining, inspiring, engaging, empowering, educational, myth-busting content that’s engaging and sharable, with the ideal client for this key focus in mind, and then make it super clear exactly what you’re trying to offer over and over and over again – studies show it takes at least 33 touch points for your audience to even UNDERSTAND what you have to offer, let alone take action on it! Your ideal client may be hanging on the sidelines for months, not years before they take action, but going about your goals this way is going to accelerate them taking action!

Your ads won’t work unless you understand this  – There are various goals your ads need to have. If you have a high-ticket item to sell, it’s not likely that a stranger will click on your ad and buy. So we suggest utilizing awareness ads to educate and warm your cold leads into warm leads. If you’ve got a high-ticket item or something that takes a ton of time commitment, you then retarget these individuals with the sale ads once they’ve been in your audience for a good while. Our clients receive tons of leads per ad launch because of this strategy. But the work’s not done there! It’s important you analyze your sales process once you receive the leads, because THAT may be what’s the key component to converting them. We do this with our clients to truly analyze, test, and tweak from point A to point Z during the long sales process.

Events are a lot of work that might feel like TOO much work unless you go about it this way – Many will get frustrated over events thinking: they’re a lot of work, they’re hard to fill, and they don’t convert well. But that’s just absolutely not true. The key is to have a strategy that makes selling out events feel easy, and keeping events simple so they don’t feel like too many moving parts for you that drive you nuts. And then, ensuring that you have a conversion strategy for your events – making sure that you’re making the ask at the event for the sale. We had a client who tended to organize big events that brought her a lot of joy, maybe brought awareness, but had all hands on deck without the revenue return. We helped her strategize and create a QR code, email sequence, and presentation plan that made the ask for the sales, and just one event went from a plan of generating 0, with the ability to make tens of thousands in one day that then created a ripple effect of return clients, referrals, and of course the awareness that she was looking for!

This is the trifecta we stand behind with our marketing strategies at MEDIA. This, and so many more moving parts we take off your hands so you can just focus on taking care of your clients with your team!

If you’re a positive-minded, light-hearted, go-getter who naturally attracts your opportunities and clients to you, we want to talk to you.

We love to help holistic wellness or beauty experts who would love to attract more of your ideal clients by letting go of your social media, email marketing, SEO, web development, event planning, and all the other little moving parts. We’re here for you, so contact us! We’ll help you speak to the heart and soul of your ideal clients in your marketing so that they will want to prioritize working with you above all else they might have going on in their lives. 

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