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Shining the Spotlight on One of the Most Increasing Marketing Trends of 2024

You’ve been around the block when it comes to your business. So you’re very well aware of the thousands of marketing options out there: Google ads, Facebook ads and content, Instagram ads and posts, LinkedIn sales navigator and newsletters, e-mail marketing, SEO, SMO, blah blah blah – it’s all greek to you, and it makes your head spin. That’s why you either already have, or would LOVE to hand this off to someone who knows what they’re doing and deals with this on the daily so you don’t have to.

But you’re still curious – what are some of the latest trends when it comes to online marketing? 

And we’re here to tell you, influencers, influencers, influencers. 

But why influencers?

When you’re investing your funds in marketing, you know that it’s a journey of gaining more cold leads, then warming up with them and gaining their trust, and then having them feel like they know you and believe that what you offer can help them, and then it’s getting them to come back again and again and again – it’s a lot of work! But partnering with trusted influencers can cut through a lot of that process because influencers have already established a deep relationship with their audience members and communities, so having them recommend your products, it’s so much more potent than a paid ad to a cold lead trying to convince them to invest in your high-end services (Don’t get us wrong, there’s a way to do it with ads as well, but it’s just a different journey). 

But which influencers do you choose?

For those of you who are lifestyle brands that transform the lives of your ideal clients with your wellness and beauty solutions, we have some of our top influencer suggestions for you, some of which are some of our favorite clients and colleagues and some faces you might recognize!

Marta Sauret Greca – Our very own CEO of MEDIA, supports holistic wellness and beauty brands with her influencer services on her personal Facebook and Instagram, directing multiple leads their way every week with her posts. Her style ranges from empowering other moms to take care of themselves for the long-term plan of their family, to whimsically sarcastic and funny that will make you laugh and feel better about your day while inspiring you to try out the services and products she happily promotes as a mom of 7 who is also a CEO. 

Dr. Shellie Hipsky – Living a lavish lifestyle of traveling internationally for her highly-acclaimed global speaking gigs as a keynote while being a single mom to her amazing kids, Dr. Shellie is featured on countless magazine covers, TV shows, podcasts, you name it. She encourages women around the world to go for their deepest dreams in their hearts, while also being the founder of The Global Sisterhood, and a mentor through her signature coaching programs. And if we mentioned all of her awards, accolades, and experience, her bio here would be pages and pages long! We’re proud to have supported her in her marketing over the years at MEDIA – The Creative Agency.

Toni Kengor and Christine Nichols of Relentless Runners – We love these positive high-vibe ladies, who encourage other women to get out there and run the world! With different niches individually, with Christine focusing more on pregnancy and post-partum running, and Toni being at a different stage of niching down, they both run Relentless Runners together, encouraging all women to run in ways that work for THEM (See what we did there)? We had the pleasure of helping them with their social media a while back, and now we love recommending them to runners and brands who could benefit from their expertise. 

Celina Pompeani – Is one of our favorites. She is such a light that shines bright, lifts others up, and inspires others to just have a good day through her role at Pittsburgh Today Live. You’ll also see her on magazine covers, within publication spreads, and also on her social media promoting brands as the familiar face people know and trust and love to see! We love watching her story unfold on her social as she grows her family and her success beautifully side by side! 

Jennifer Carrasco – Is another influencer we’ve loved to support at MEDIA – The Creative Agency. She truly has a passion for helping other business leaders simplify their systems for more profit, and sharing the wisdom of modern methods for healing and beauty. As someone who travels nationally to speak and mentor and train other business leaders, and has been in business for more than a few decades, but sure doesn’t look like it, she’s known what it’s like to go through bankruptcy and come back out on top! Her story is truly inspiring, and you should check out her social to learn more. 

There are certainly many more influencers where that came from, but we can almost guarantee that you’ll love working with the ladies we’ve just featured. Some influencers have flat rates that they offer, while others will accept a percentage of sales that come from the leads attracted by their content. Every influencer is different, so the best thing you can do is reach out to them and ask them about a partnership of working together.

PS – Are you a disruptor in the holistic health and beauty space?

If you’re an expert in the holistic wellness or beauty industries who would love to attract more of your ideal clients, contact us! We’ll help you speak to the heart and soul of your ideal clients so that they can prioritize working with you above all else that they might have going on in their lives. 

PPS Wanna get featured in this online magazine, MEDIAZINE, AND on our show, The Mindset Moves Show? Contact us today! You’ll reach thousands and thousands of business leaders looking to grow via e-mail, web, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Our guests gain instant clients just from being featured, with long-term results as well! 

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