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Simple Ways to Digitally Declutter 

When there’s too much digital clutter, there’s less focus, more stress, and a disconnect with your loved ones because of all the overwhelm. 

Be sure to catch our CEO, Marta Sauret Greca on Pittsburgh Today Live at 9 AM EST to learn her tips and tricks.

You’ll want to read on as we share a few simple tips on what you can do to digitally declutter in preparation for Marta’s guest appearance. 

#1 The Screenshot App

One of the biggest space suckers on our phones are screenshots you took to share and no longer need! A simple way to get rid of these is the screenshots app!

#2 The Google Tasks App

Ever read an e-mail and think “I’ll come back to that!” and then totally forget? If you have Gmail as your e-mail provider, you can click the options at the top of your email and select: “Add to Tasks”. It’ll take you to download the Tasks app, where you can go back and actually complete the tasks itemized by the e-mails! 

#3 Schedule time to complete the to-do list

Have a set time every day or every week that you complete the tasks. Show up for yourself just like you would for one of your kids’ games or a super important doctor’s appointment! Completing tasks that are cluttering up your brain is one of the best forms of self-care because it significantly reduces stress and gives you a huge sense of accomplishment! 

If you keep dreading it and putting it off or prioritizing other things, you can train your brain to actually look forward to the tasks by continuing to show up for yourself and treating yourself to your favorite drink, cozy spot, music, maybe essential oils, to treat it like a mini spa self-care session and then – give yourself a small reward for showing up for yourself like a hot bath, or a walk in the woods or your favorite treat! 

#4 Schedule time to digitally declutter and make it small, bite-sized, and attainable

Just like you scheduled your to-do list schedule even 5 minutes a day to go through other areas of your digital life to declutter and reorganize them, 5 minutes a day adds up to 30 hours a year! It helps if you do this in the am before anything else or when you’re killing time about to grab your phone to scroll, stop yourself, and get to decluttering! 

#5 Be mindful of what you let in

When you go to save a screen grab, a download, subscribe to a list, open a tab, etc – be mindful of staying on top of it by deleting things as soon as they’re created if there’s no long-term need for it. Remember, it’s going to pile up, so get rid of it before it even does!

#6 Unplug

Challenge yourself to delete the social media apps from your phone at a set time each day and on the weekend. AND challenge yourself to pick a day when you have absolutely zero plans and you put your phone on airplane mode and spend the entire day with your family or by yourself to declutter from alllll the noise! 

#7 Digital Money Chaos Decluttering

Money can come in and out of your accounts before you even know it happened and leave you wondering where the heck it all went. Or, you may even have kids that you’re losing track of THEIR money, too! Marta highly recommends the everydollar app and the green light app!

And remember to tune into Pittsburgh Today Live at 9 AM EST to catch Marta as she shares even more information about digital decluttering.

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