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Stand Out and Attract Your Ideal Clients in an Organic, Authentic Way with a Social Media Management Team

Are you starting a new business, or looking to market yourself on your business social media accounts?

From our Pittsburgh based media agency, to you, business owner, learn how to create a stunning appearance on your business social media accounts to attract your dream clients with our Expert Organic Social Media Strategy Package! This package changes the mindset behind social media marketing and expresses originality, so that you and your business can stand out and create real online relationships with your current audience. Take your marketing to the next level and have your clients love you, hire you, and refer you again and again.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are taking the next step by advertising their business online. Want to stand out and attract your ideal clients in an organic, authentic way? Read more to find out how our newest client, Axios Tutoring is doing just that!


Axios Tutoring offers SAT / ACT Test preparation business and offers subject based tutoring including history, sciences, math, reading and writing. Manjri Gupta owner of Axios tutoring, has been working with students for over eight years, helping them navigate school, standardized tests, college admissions and transition to college. They believe everybody learns differently, and they work to find the right path for each student and prepare them for their future. 

Axios Tutoring believes strongly in their students success, and they strive to help students realize their value and potential to succeed. They recently came to us at MEDIA to help them attract more clients through their business social media accounts. Since students are spending more time trying to learn through online teaching since COVID-19, they believe students may need their help now more than ever.

Our professional team of photographers went to their space and conducted a safe, outdoor photo session so that they can get themselves out there and show the world who they are; creating strong, online connections that lead to new students in their classroom.

Since singing on to our Expert Organic Social Media Strategy Package, we have successfully updated the look of their online accounts with stunning new photos, and we have been consistently posting for them so that their feed remains updated. We have more than tripled Axios’s Facebook and Instagram audience within a few weeks, and incredibly increased their engagement on Linkedin!


Our social media management is totally different than what you see out there. We strategize with you specifically as the person that you are…and help you get super clear on who your ideal high-end client is so that when we can write content for you, your social media and web presence speaks directly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel compelled to reach out to you when they read it.

If you’re ready to reach more of your high-end clients online so that by the time they reach out to you, they already feel personally connected to you and loyal to you, then contact us today. So that you can get results like these…

  • Create A Legacy, who within a few weeks of us helping him to craft an offer irresistible to his audience and promoting it for him, he made $15k from one client already in his audience.
  •  North Pittsburgh Greeting Company, who doubled her social audience and saw her inquiries flooding in once we took over her e-mail and social media after just a few weeks.
  • Marcie Crow, who went from being the unknown candidate with zero social media channels to the elected candidate thanks to our social media management.
  • Waymaker Academy, who within a few weeks working with us, tripled their Facebook audience, received 3 legitimate high-end inquiries, and showed up as a leader in the education industry to be of service to families in their area.


Check out a few of the photos we took for Axios Tutoring!


If you want to learn more about Axios Tutoring and see more examples of our work, visit them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website! If you have a child that wants to prepare for school and learn in an effective way, check them out! Manjri says, “My door is always open, and I am only a phone call away.”

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