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Struggling to Find a Perfect Outfit for Your Photo shoot? The Social Media Experts Photo Session Outfit Guide

Hey there you amazing, hard-working professional! Do you have an upcoming photo shoot for your business and you just CAN’T figure out what to wear? One important factor of your session is your outfits! 

Since COVID 19 struck businesses, you know that having an online presence right now is crucial. That’s why you’ve taken the next step and hired a professional photography team to capture your wonderful smiles, laughs, and personality so that you can connect with your online audience.


Now the day has come for your photo session, and you’ve torn through your whole closet trying to find an outfit.


Luckily, when a client reaches out to us for professional photography, we go the extra mile and help with this! Prior to a shoot, we send you our experts style guide for photo and video shoots. These outfit choices are an important way to express what you are trying to portray for your business. If you are starting to feel a little overwhelmed about what outfits to pick, we have your back! This outfit guide is a way to help choose the best outfits for your session!


Colors and items to avoid:

    • Logos
    • Stripes
    • Reflective and neon colors
    • White* (in certain scenarios)
      • White clothing, in certain scenarios, can look good, but in some cases, it’s best to leave the white at home. 
        • In-studio sessions: The studio lights may not be your friend if you are wearing a white shirt. There is a chance for whatever you are wearing under it, to show through. 
        • Outdoor sessions:  White outfits may reflect the light causing it to look super bright. This may cause your online audience to be distracted by the bright piece of clothing.
        • When white could be worn: If you have on a different colored shirt with a white jacket or sweater, or if your shirt is white and you have on a jacket or sweater over top.

Outfit ideas to consider:

    • Outfits that you feel confident in!
    • Some items that are bold and fun – think about even throwing in some pieces that you normally wouldn’t wear but you are brave enough to for the photos.
    • A variety of about 2-3 different outfits that are colorful, fun, and even a bit loud
  • If you have more toned down outfits, like solid colors, bring along some jewelry to make the outfit stand out some more. 


Are you ready to increase your business visibility and give your online presence the look that it deserves? If you’re looking for a dedicated, encouraging photography team to help update your business media materials, consider our elite photography team!

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their photoshoot experience:


“Our entire team works with photographers internationally – LA, Paris, NYC, London – you name it – who work with big celebrities. We were SOOO impressed by Media, and how talented they are, and the quality of their work! We love our photos and are so excited to release them when we tell our own branding story that will be displayed internationally.”

    • Dr. Shellie Hipskey, EmpowerU, Inspiring Lives


“Media – The Creative Agency did an excellent job for our firm. They did an onsite group photo shoot and individual headshots upon request. Having had many headshot experiences in the past, this experience and the finished product far exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Media!”

    • Nickolas D. Kennedy


“The Media team is professional and engaging. Since my expertise is not in photography or media, I depend on them to showcase my business in the best possible light. I encourage anyone who – like me – struggles in these areas to follow and contact Media.”

    • Amy Travis Catalyst Co Working      


“Extremely professional, fun, and an overall positive experience! Our Team had the best time with them and enjoyed the entire process! Thanks Media!”

    • Sara Makin Makin Wellness         


So, what do you say? Are you ready to increase your business visibility and give your online presence the look that it deserves? We have a limited schedule with very few spots left in 2020 for Photography Sessions for business professionals like you.

So if you’re ready to reach your high-end clients now with stunning photos to use for your business, SEND US AN E-MAIL, and we’ll see if you can receive the successful results that our clients have had with brand new photos.

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