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The Key to Standing Out in this Noisy Online World

You and your team have heard of the importance behind showing up online.

So you try to think of interesting things to put online, maybe pair some stock photos with it or create a graphic from a template. 

But you’re not quite 💯 sure what you’re doing when it comes to your social media, email marketing, and website content. 

And EVERYONE is showing up online.

So how do you stand out? How do you connect with your ideal clients so they feel like they know you, like you and trust you through your social media, website and email marketing? 

The key is to show up as YOURSELF online.

That’s right. 

Your ideal client is going to connect with YOU – the PEOPLE behind your brand. 

But who really loves that feeling of stepping in front of the camera? In today’s world, promoting yourself through phenomenal photos is key to setting you apart as the professionals that you are. 

Your ideal clients will see your face and feel like they already like you and have personally met you before they ever even take the steps to inquiring with you. This aids in transforming your sales processes into even easier transactions. 

Hard working entrepreneurs like you deserve to be treated like the VIP you are through a headshot photo session that will appeal to potential clientele and make you feel great about what you do too! A photoshoot session that will set you apart from everyone else in your industry because you now have photos that truly display you and your team instead of just blurry cell phone images or stock photos and graphics that you just slap on your social media posts because you don’t know what else to use. 

Interested in our environmental headshot photo sessions? Take a look at three clients who have experienced the amazing, high-vibe energy of MEDIA’s photo shoots!

Sue Fattibene

We were ecstatic to photograph Sue in an Infinity Home! Sue is a life coach and business strategist. She helps women Reset, Reboot, and RevUp their lives by rocking their goals and experiencing life to the fullest. Our photo session with her was filled with exciting energy and plenty of laughs!

You can learn more about Sue at https://suefattibene.com/

Amy Lapinsky

Amy turned to MEDIA for a fabulous photo session which truly depicted her life as a visionary entrepreneur. The pictures included items designed with personalized messages as well as her fun spirit! These promotional photos are sure to catch the eye of customers for various occasions. All photos captured were at Infinity Homes.

Katalin Reimann

Katalin Reimann is the lead aesthetician at Quantum Klinik located in Wexford, PA. She chose MEDIA to update her photos in a way that allowed her to express her personality while still maintaining a professional feel. We love our photo sessions with her, which leave both her and our team inspired and elated!

Ready for Your Close Up?

If you would love to attract more of your ideal clients online who love you, trust you and refer you, contact us here. We are one of the only team of professional photographers who are also experts in online marketing, so we’ll make sure your photos are strategized to be client magnets. We’ll provide you with a professional headshot photoshoot that you feel shows your online connections who you truly are. 

Wanna know what that could look like for you? Take a look below at some of the professional headshot photography we provided to some of our many beloved clients!

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