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The Mind and Body Secrets for Optimal Prosperity as a Business Leader

As a business owner, you’re highly susceptible to going all-in on your business and putting everything else on the back burner sometimes. But at some point, you know it all catches up to you! This means less energy, brain fog, and often not loving how you look in the mirror, and quite frankly not loving your business so much either.


At MEDIA – The Creative Agency, we’re a marketing agency that loves to serve and feature the wisdom of business experts in the holistic health, wellness, beauty, and fitness industries, so we thought we’d feature one on our show and online magazine to educate us and you on how to infuse helpful practices into your mind and body and how the two relate for optimal performance, that then leads to prosperity and abundance. 


Our CEO, Marta Sauret Greca, had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura Kleber, a holistic health coach. Laura has always had a passion for teaching and helping others find solutions. After struggling with stress and the pressure of building her DIY home decor business, Laura found that she had put her health to the wayside. This led her to focus on her health and inspired her to take her desire to teach others to live better lives with more energy, clarity, and abundance. 


This week, Laura gives us her best tips for regaining your energy, clearing your mind, and getting your health on track so you can call in more prosperity in your life. In tandem with that, our CEO Marta Sauret Greca will make the connection for you on how there’s such a beautiful analogy when it comes to fueling your body with nontoxic and organic practices, as well as utilizing that same thinking for your mind as a business leader as well. 



Absorb Organic Whenever Possible


You know that organic and locally grown foods are the best for your overall health. They lack pesticides and chemicals which affect your hunger levels. Chemicals like emulsifiers will stimulate hunger hormones and suppress our satiety hormones. 


While Laura agrees that eating organic foods is best, she acknowledges that it could be a process for you. In this case, take baby steps. Do the best you can by putting nutritional foods into your body even if they aren’t organic. 


But – and this part is super important – it isn’t just when it comes to food that you should think organic. Our CEO, Marta Sauret Greca, invites you to think about organic when it comes to your mind as well. “You don’t want toxins in your food, so why put up with toxins in the relationships you surround yourself in, or the shows you watch, or the things you listen to, etc. Your mind is a temple just as your body is. Take inventory of the conversations you’re having, the words that are coming out of your mouth, and the things you’re even saying to yourself. Are they toxic? Are they uplifting? Are they nourishing you? What little steps can you take to shift into more positivity and organic thinking and relationships to fully support you? You can’t change the people around you, but you can change your environment. This is huge for your path to success and prosperity and abundance.” 


Know Your Temptations


You’ll never be able to get away from the things that tempt you forever like toxic food, according to Laura, but putting barriers in place to limit your interactions with it will help you achieve your goals.


For example, if you know you’re an all-or-nothing person when it comes to sweets like cake and can’t eat it in moderation, do your best to limit temptations by not hovering around it at a party or keeping it in your house.

“And isn’t that the truth when it comes to relationships and distractions?” our CEO, Marta Sauret Greca added when reviewing this interview in retrospect: “The same as if you’re on a path to healthier eating, being on the path to healthier work and life boundaries is easier when you put up those barriers so many often talk about called boundaries. But sometimes, you need boundaries for yourself! If you know you need to focus and get a project done, put your phone in another room on airplane mode. If you’re one to get distracted when you need to sit and focus and stay in the room for yourself, have a piece of paper and pen handy. Any time something pops into your brain that would lead to you quickly opening another tab or grabbing your phone to address it, simply write down the item on the piece of paper, telling your brain it WILL be taken care of, and then block off 10 mins after focus time to complete the items that popped in your mind. You’d be amazed how much that will help you to stay on track. And when it comes to relationships, if you know that you’re going to get negative feedback when sharing about your business in certain environments, just don’t. If you know that when you’re around someone you come out of those interactions feeling crummier about yourself, limit those interactions unapologetically. If you find your mental health going down when you’re scrolling through social media, delete those apps for the night and just stay off of them and go for walks in nature instead.” 



Eat Before You Go Grocery Shopping or Attend a Party


It’s easy to overindulge when you’re starving. According to Laura, going to places like the grocery store or a party where food is widely available means you’re more tempted to grab everything you can instead of making thoughtful decisions. Make sure you don’t shop on an empty stomach, and eat something light before attending a party so you aren’t binging on snacks.

“Same goes for your productivity,” added our CEO Marta Sauret Greca when looking back at this interview. “If you start your day by prioritizing grounding self-care time, followed by taking action steps towards your goals before the day fully begins, then when you go through the rest of your day and stuff is coming at you, it’s okay. You’ve already prioritized your goals and action steps. You’re already grounded. You’re less likely to get in a tizzy or get off track.”


Surround Yourself with Supportive People


In order to stay on track with your health, you need to surround yourself with people who support your goals. Even if it’s only your coach, according to Laura! Having someone who can cheer you on and encourage you will keep you motivated and on the path to achieving your health goals. 


“Same goes with your life and business goals! Surround yourself with a mastermind, a mentor or coach who has already accomplished what you’d like to accomplish, definitely, an abundance-minded mental health expert, and business besties who you can be totally open and honest with about your journey,” reminds our CEO Marta Sauret Greca.



A health and business journey isn’t just about achieving goals; the journey comes with an educational aspect that many people don’t expect alongside some major self-discovery. Once you start to make baby steps toward your progress, you start to realize who you really are, what you really want, and the road to getting there. 


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In the meantime, take a look at Laura’s photos taken by our MEDIA team and Head Photographer, Briana Rose! Thank you Infinity Custom Homes for the beautiful scenery in these shots.

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