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The Top 5 Steps You Can Take to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Journey – Featuring Katalin Reimann


Why is social media marketing so important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses?


The idea of taking on social media marketing in a competitive market can be overwhelming. However, the benefits that social media marketing provides for you greatly outweigh your concerns.


What you need to remember is that nearly every member of their ideal audience is on social media! In fact, nearly 71% of adults who use the internet use social media on a daily basis.


But the results don’t stop there. More than half of adults with internet access use more than one social media platform. This means that a majority of your potential audience is using social media. 


It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of people you can reach with social media marketing! That’s especially true considering the average social media user spends nearly three hours a day on social media.


That’s why we’re inviting you to take a step back and breathe. We know you and your team are doing everything you can to make your social media marketing a success. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. So, we want to help ease your worries and give you five initial steps you can take to make waves on social media!


Craft a Compelling Message


When creating the copy for your social media marketing, you have to craft it in a way that it speaks to your ideal audience. It has to speak to the heart of your needs and desires of your ideal audience that you know you can accommodate.


You are an expert in your field. You have pointed knowledge about the intricacies of your industry and what people desire from it. By speaking to those deep seeded desires in your ideal clients, you’ll be showing them you’re the expert who can serve them best.


Post Consistently


Creating compelling copy will always catch the eyes and hearts of your clients, but it will only do so much depending on how often you use it. To give your social media marketing as much traction as you can, you have to post consistently for a few reasons.


Firstly, by posting consistently, you’ll be letting your ideal audience know that you’re actively there for them. It tells them that you care for their needs and that you want to help them. Secondly, consistently posting means you’ll receive consistent engagement. If your ideal audience is consistently engaging with your content, then that content is shown to more people. It actively expands your potential audience to post consistently.


Share Your Content to Your Story


Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or both, you should always share your latest posts to your story. Your story acts as a fail safe to ensure that as many members of your ideal audience see your latest posts.


Despite the amount of time the average person is on social media, it’s incredibly easy to miss the latest post from someone they follow. However, almost everyone checks their stories because it’s the first thing they see at the top of their page. By sharing your content to your story, you’re ensuring more people will see your latest post so they can engage with it.


Call Your Audience to Act


So, you’ve gotten this far. You’ve created a compelling message, shared your content consistently, and your ideal audience feels compelled by it. What now? How do you get them to act on these feelings and do business with you?


Suffice it to say, your ideal audience won’t do anything if you don’t give them specific directions. Whether it’s engaging with the post, visiting your website, or having them leave a comment or question, you have to give them instructions to do so. You could have the largest and most engaging audience in the world, but your business won’t grow if you don’t give them direction.


Use Professional Photography


The truth of it all is that even if your copy is great and you’ve done everything right, it’s not enough to catch the eye of your audience. Compelling copy is essential, don’t get us wrong. However, before your ideal audience reads and engages with your content, you have to catch their eye in the middle of their scrolling.


Humans are very visual creatures. We process images more quickly than copy, and we’re drawn to compelling images. By using professional photographs, you won’t just be catching your audience’s eye and compelling them to act, but you’ll also be showing them who you are, what you do, and what their experience will be like with you. It helps create an image of their experience in their mind. 


By using these steps, you’ll see a massive growth in your business’s social media influence and a growth in business. In fact, these steps are essential for social media marketing no matter how successful your business is!


That’s why Katalin Reimann reached out to us to capture photos for her online marketing! Katalin is a business owner who realizes that stunning photography catches her ideal audience’s keen eye on social media. We were more than happy to help her gather stunning photos for her business!


Katalin Reimann is the owner and CryoSkin Elite Master Trainer of her business, Quantum Klinik. Quantum Klinik improves the lives of its clientele by providing the highest quality, industry-leading aesthetics and wellness services.


Quantum Klinik provides comprehensive and holistic medical aesthetic services, as well as natural weight management programs with healthy low-glycemic lifestyle education and support to help each client reach their optimum potential in the reversal and prevention of aging.


Some of their services include CryoSkin fat elimination, Dermasweep skin resurfacing, Venus laser hair removal, and so much more to help their clients stay well and stay beautiful!


With the help of the photographs we captured, Katalin’s social media has been growing even more. Quantum Klinik displays these new photos proudly on all of their social media platforms and they gain even more attention for it!


In case you were wondering, we can do the same for your business!


If you’re looking for a stunning portfolio of professional photographs or an amazing agency to help with your social media marketing, then contact us! We’ll work with you to give your social media pages the makeover and content they need to make waves for your ideal audience.


If you want to learn more about Katalin Reimann and Quantum Klinik, then you can visit their Facebook page and their Instagram page, @quantumklinik!


If you’d like to see the stunning photos we’ve gathered for Katalin and Quantum Klinik, then keep scrolling to take a look!











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