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The Top Five Ways to Promote Your Sweepstakes or Promotion to Reach More of Your Ideal Audience on Social Media!

What’s the best way for an entrepreneur to spread their message to their ideal audience on social media?


Spreading the message about your promotion is essential to bringing in more of your ideal audience and getting them to do business with you. However, knowing how to do it optimally can be tricky.


There’s so much that changes on social media that it can sometimes feel like you’re not sure what will get your posts more views. We get it. It can feel confusing or feel as if no one wants to take part in your business.


Thankfully, there is an optimal way to spread your message to as much of your ideal audience as possible. We’ve got the best playbook for making sure your ideal audience has every opportunity to participate in your promotion without you having to rack your brain with confusing details.


These steps will give you the knowledge about the best way to run a promotion or sweepstakes that will reach as many people as possible.


Use Bold Photos


We live in a time where visual representation is the first thing that will draw in your audience. Whether it’s a picture of you, your team, or a graphic if you’re more established, you need to catch your audience’s eye with a stunning image before they’ll consider reading further.


This doesn’t mean that your copy isn’t an important element when it comes to your promotion, but the strategic use of a stunning image will encourage your audience to read further and participate in your promotion.


Use Compelling Copy


As we said, copy is crucial. When you’re running a promotion, it’s because you’re giving your ideal audience something you know they can use because it will benefit them. The key to compelling copy is to hone in on why your audience could use this promotion.


Maybe you’re selling products, a service, or you’re running a giveaway for a 1:1 with you. Whatever you’re promoting, you need to give your audience a reason to participate. The beginning of your copy should always start by touching the heart of your ideal audience’s need for your service.


Give Them Precise Directions


The next portion in your copy should always tell your audience how they can participate in your promotion. They won’t take any action to participate if you don’t give them the steps or the tools to try.


If you want them to follow your page, like the post, or write a comment, you need to give them those step by step directions in the post, or else they won’t participate at all. Putting the directions in the post is crucial with only one exception, which brings us to our next step.


Using an Outside Link


If you’re trying to get your ideal audience to interact with an outside link, such as a link to a landing page, then this shouldn’t go in the post. Using a link in your promotion will only discourage Facebook from spreading it at all.


The best way to get around this is to put the link in the comments. Facebook will allow your promotion to spread to more people unimpeded as long as the link you’re using to promote yourself is in the comments. However, you have to remember to direct your audience to click the link in the comments as a best practice.


Boost the Promotion


The end result of your promotion or giveaway has to match the efforts and needs of what your ideal audience truly wants. Essentially, your business will benefit more from your promotion if you reward your audience with access to some kind of service or product from your business.


It’s one thing to endorse your promotion by giving away something anyone could want, such as sports tickets. However, that won’t encourage them to do business with you. It will certainly have them looking at more of your posts to see if you’re running similar promotions, but it won’t encourage them to work with you. 


When you offer access to your businesses services or products, you’ll be attracting the kind of audience that wants to work with your business and wants to be a part of what you’re doing.


Taking these steps will only make your promotion more visible to the audience that you want to serve.. 


They will all help you cast a wider net and see more participation from people that you love working with, and it may just let them see this as a chance to finally do business with you.


At MEDIA – The Creative Agency, we use these exact same tactics to help our clients promote themselves, their services, and their products on social media and draw in more of their ideal audience.


Using the same playbook, we’ve been able to help so many of our own clients see even more business from promotions and giveaways opening their doors for even more business.


If you’re trying to run a promotion or giveaway for your business, then we encourage you to contact us! We provide every single service listed above and so much more to drive your business forward.

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