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Three wording shifts you can make to lovingly repel unwanted leads 

You’re very selective when it comes to the types of clients you’d like to attract. 

Your ideal clients need to understand that there’s a certain price point to work with you, and they also need to understand that humbly, it’s a privilege to work with you. You would never go as far as saying that out loud, because you’re a modest person, even as a business leader who’s done a thing or two in your business and has already reached the multi-six and even seven figures. But it needs to be said. You have a full schedule helping your clients, and you tend to overgive your gifts and time, so when someone walks through your door, they need to WANT what you have to offer AND understand that there is a time and money investment commitment necessary. 

We spend so much time trying to attract the RIGHT kind of clients, but we’re afraid to speak out to purposefully decline the ones that aren’t a right fit for us. We don’t want to offend or come off as the bad guy. That’s why we’re outlining three simple ways you can lovingly share in your copy who ISN’T an ideal client for you. 

  1. The phrase “We get that it’s an investment working with us so we want to ensure we take the best care of you as possible.” This lovingly puts it right out there that you aren’t cheap, and so those with money stories or money blocks that may go through the whole process of inquiring with you and take up your time and resources without saying YES to themselves and you, need not apply.
  2. “Due to…” “We no longer” – You actually don’t need to use these words. Due to is usually followed by an explanation of why you’ve chosen to make a decision that affects the population around you, which quite frankly you don’t really owe anyone an explanation for. “We no longer,” has a similar connotation and also a negative spin. Here is how to spin this positively! Say you no longer take insurance or type of credit card, or a coupon, etc, because they are a PITA, instead of saying “Due to administrative reasons, we no longer take XYZ,” you can say…”Exciting 2024 insurance updates! Please note that these are all the carriers we do accept! If you hold any of these, you’re good to go! If not, speak to one of our providers.” This makes it feel good and shows the positive side of all the options you DO offer!
  3. “Once payment is received, then XYZ” is something you can say more in your sales conversation.

These are just some simple ways that you can shift your messaging on a more positive note. We work on this with our clients every day as we help them collectively make millions together every year.

If you are a holistic wellness or beauty expert who just wants to let go of your marketing to someone who gets you, loves you, and is just as passionate as you are about what you do, that’s us! E-mail us at info@mediacreativeagency.com.

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