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Top Things You Should Stop Doing So You Can Increase Your Engagement

You know the value of getting yourself out there to connect with your audiences. Congratulations on being the genius that you are, as someone who KNOWS the importance of being visible both online and via in-person marketing as well. But you crave more momentum. You crave more visibility. You’d love for your efforts to be even more accentuated. 

Just like our clients who experience doubling their revenue within 2-4 months of working with us, while they get to travel internationally regularly for pleasure and for speaking gigs!

Here are some tips we implement to boost the engagement of their social media marketing and e-blasts.

Stop putting links in your captions 

They aren’t clickable on Instagram, and they aren’t easy to copy and paste either, especially on mobile, so people simply aren’t going to go to them. You can put the links in your bio and your stories instead!

And by putting links in the captions on Facebook and LinkedIn, you’re reducing the percentage of your audience seeing the post, because the platforms will decrease the virality of the post, flagging it as an advertisement. 

Our clients get to experience increased audience and engagement every week because of this small switch we make for them! 

Stop putting QR codes within your graphics

Most users are viewing the graphic that you e-mail out or post from their mobile device, so they can’t scan it. QR codes are great for printed advertisements that people can then easily scan with their phones and go to the links! To get them to the links, remember to put them in the captions on Facebook or Linkedin, and your bio or stories on Instagram! Making this switch helps our clients sell out events to which we link their audiences, also drastically increasing the ROI from their time and money investment into campaigns.

Stop Wasting Time on Unnecessary Graphics

Photos and videos perform WAYYYYY better on social media than graphics, and are MUCH easier to get out there and take way less time when you have a team like ours come over and grab some quality footage for you! Just like our clients who experience significant doubled engagement once we start posting for them. 

And in e-mail content, no need to put any photos, graphics, or videos at all! Keep the email content simple, without too many different designs or subjects. One subject per email with simple text will simulate a real conversation you’d have with someone over email!

Stop Calling it a Newsletter

It’s boring. No one but you, your team, and your mom probably care about your newsletter UNLESS, you’re repositioning what you call it, and formulating the subject lines in your email marketing to speak to the heart and soul of what your ideal client CARES about and will prioritize their time for! Our clients go from open rates of the low tens to upwards of 50% open rates when we make this switch for them, and their click-through rate and action-taking from those emails follow this upward trend! 

These are some of our favorite and easiest tweaks you can make to increase your visibility with your online audiences, and in turn increase your inquiries, like our clients who have experienced a multiplication in inquiries by the dozens!

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