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Understanding The Roots of Your Symptoms So You Can Heal and Flourish in Your Business and Life

The way we think about trauma is not always what it seems. We may have a stereotypical idea of what trauma looks like, and how long the effects may continue from the suffering endured.

You may have a preconceived idea that traumatic events are only bad memories that we can recall. After all, we wouldn’t know it was a traumatic experience if we couldn’t remember it, right? This is not always the case. 

This week, we will be featuring Dr. Tanya L. Kindel, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is offering services as a breakthrough specialist for those who may be struggling with feelings of anxiety, low confidence, and just feelings of being lost or disconnected from themselves. Dr. Tanya will let you in on ways to recognize where trauma may come from, the varying ways your body responds to it, and the approaches we can take toward healing.

If you would like to learn what may be triggering unknown symptoms and why you can’t pinpoint them, keep reading below as we delve deeper into this topic. 

The Origins of Trauma 

The beginnings of where our fears and anxieties stem from may be embedded in our unconscious mind as sensory programs. Perhaps from something that happened in utero, as Kindel states, “your body is being coded with survival skills even in utero.”  Or even from past generations, handed down as an inherited program for physical survival or as emotional energy baggage. 

We then began life- infancy-childhood-teenage years (ouch) with these programs and our perception of experiences in this world either confirms or adapts these programs to the present.  No matter what happens to you, your perception of what it means about you becomes the belief that starts to run a subconscious survival protection program (trauma response). Our mind can be in a state of thinking that everything is “normal” for sometimes years before a trauma response occurs. Rather abruptly our bodies can become triggered back to that initial instinctive reaction to respond in sometimes not-so-healthy ways, as a means of survival (fight, flight, freeze, fawn). 

“These programs are triggered by sensations and emotions, not by rational evidence” states Dr. Kindel. If your subconscious is running a survival program, you will feel unsafe, unworthy, trapped, stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed no matter what you “do” to fix everything (or everyone). Often people who are known as “people pleasers” are running a subconscious program that does not let them enter a physiological rest/recovery state until they perceive that everyone else is happy or everything is perfect (which rarely occurs). This is not a personality trait, but a learned or inherited survival program to avoid rejection, pain, or conflict. 

Recognizing the Triggers

The body has conditioned an emotion or sensation with extreme threat,” states Kindel. It is extremely important to recognize patterns, beliefs, emotions, and sensations connected to your fear. It won’t often make sense, that is the key. Your body is using the sensation, image, or thought to run the program, not the current reality. If you are waiting for something to happen/change for you to find safety or peace, then a part of you is probably running an outdated survival program. 

The varying ways the body goes into a trauma response, or the automatic feeling that we need to react right now in sometimes severe ways can include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Irritability 
  • Body Shaming
  • Excessive Worry
  • Yelling/Rage
  • Zoning Out
  • Binge Eating or Drinking 
  • Forced Exercise
  • Panic
  • Hyper Cleaning
  • Overspending
  • Hoarding

When a person is in a survival mode state they are focused on “getting rid of or away from the threat”. Yet, the threat has been conditioned with emotion or sensation, so often people feel defeated because whatever they change on the outside, the emotions and symptoms still exist internally. This causes an imbalance of stress on the organs and can cause physical complications and make us ill. The symptom is not the threat, it is often the messenger.  This is where it is essential to reach out to a professional who can help guide us in how to cope with effective strategies. 

How to Address Trauma From Utero

There are a variety of ways to access the subconscious, and Kindel presents her clients with customized options based on where they are at in their personal journey. You don’t have to know the exact trauma of your ancestors, or what your Mom was going through when she was pregnant with you, but that can be interesting psychological archaeology to uncover. The subconscious holds all the information we need, it’s getting to what root emotion or belief has been coded with a trauma response that is the key. 

Kindel reminds her clients that “we need to become aware of what emotion or sensations trigger the response.” It is never the intention for a client to be terrified of the emotion during a session, or re-experience a trauma and Kindel holds a safe space so that is not an occurrence.

Somatic and Energy tools are taught by Kindel during sessions to help the client “go into the body and hold space for the body.” Acupressure tools such as tapping, the technique of EFT, or TFT,  are also ways clients are assisted in being able to recode the emotions and sensations in their body with the present consciousness. Kindel provides even deeper processes to connect back to our true spiritual energy and break through our old perceptions of reality.  

From Worry to Inner Peace

We are inundated with things to worry about consistently. This can create chaos in the world of a business owner if we allow the worries to consume every aspect of our lives. It can diminish our ability to exhibit greater confidence in our area of expertise, because we may focus on the negative aspects of customer feedback, for example. 

There are things however that we can do to bring about a more pleasant approach to how we perceive certain scenarios. Kindel says the first step is to be aware. If you feel the notion to always go, go, go this could be a sign that your worry mindset is in overdrive. It is a good idea to recognize this and perhaps find where you can scale back so that you are not feeling intense pressure to do all things and meet every expectation. The second step is to define what inner peace is for you. Kindel says to “go into your body and access what inner peace feels like for you.” Do you feel warmth, light, or another calming notion? 

It takes real work to dig deep and find our triggers, especially when they happen before we can even conceivably remember. However, if we put in the effort to acknowledge what is causing our fear -without fear of the fear, we can enhance the quality of our lives and businesses. Kindel recommends trying the heart lock-in technique as a way to release tension and activate heart-brain coherence.

Who is Dr. Tanya anyway?

Growing up in a more religious atmosphere where although loving, Tanya felt the constraints of being told to think and act a certain way to avoid damnation. Where behavior was always judged, but no one cared if you were screaming in anger on the inside. Being well-behaved is not Happiness or a path to Heaven. This mindset is exactly why seeing clients become empowered from the inside out helps drive Dr. Tanya into her business every day. Working as a Holistic Clinical Psychologist is “my soul’s purpose,” states Kindel. 

Learning the Value of Education for Self Healing 

Dr. Tanya provides you with education through different techniques and methods that will be a guide in how you can release stress and anxiety outside of sessions. 

Unlock Your Fear and Schedule a Call with Belief to Body

Start the process and shift your mindset with Dr. Tanya Kindel today! She owns and operates Belief to Body as an in-demand intuitive breakthrough doctor for people who are struggling with feelings of anxiety and low self-worth that keep them from fully showing up. We love supporting her through her beautiful and informative website, where you can take a look at all of the services she offers in more depth. 

Are you interested in working with Dr. Tanya to start down a path of healing and growth? Please feel free to visit her website at www.belieftobody.com. You can also check out her Facebook page.

Take a look at the photos below of Dr. Tanya Kindel captured by yours truly at MEDIA – The Creative Agency. 

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