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Updated Photos of Steve Deal Help Attract His Online Dream Clients

Steve Deal, of Create a Legacy and Isagenix, is using his photos MEDIA took to promote his business online during this time of social distancing. Through Create a Legacy, Steve coaches his clients virtually on how to make a difference in their family for generations to come. Through Isagenix, Steve is selling nutritious products that help promote a healthy life through dietary means.

Steve wanted the MEDIA team to take updated photos of him in various outfits and poses that he would use for social media content to best convey what he would like to communicate with his followers.

MEDIA was able to help him in one day by having an on-location photoshoot with his business and clientele in mind. These photos were created with the intention of being expressive, entertaining, and so bold that it stops his audience’s scroll on social media. During this shoot, we also offered an array of traditional headshot poses as well. As a result, the team has been able to effectively help Steve post on his social media accounts with these new photos in a way that captivates his followers.

Are you struggling to promote your business online while social distancing? We can do for you what we did for Steve! You will be able to strategize your social media during this time with our assistance.

MEDIA is offering social media strategizing sessions so you can plan out your next month of social media content to captivate and attract your online dream clients. These strategizing sessions get snapped up pretty quickly, so be sure to contact us asap to get first dibs on your day and time so that we can help you attract your ideal high-end clients online!

For more information on Create a Legacy, click here!

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