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How to Cut Through the Noise of Social Media Using Professional Photographs – Featuring Laura Ellis


How can you reach your ideal audience through your online marketing more easily?


It’s no secret that social media marketing is one of the best tools for small businesses to increase their visibility.


That’s why 67% of small businesses use social media to market their business online. However, with so many businesses all using the same tool, one thing becomes certain. Social media platforms are really crowded.


With so many businesses competing for the same audience’s attention, it’s hard to know what the next step should be. So now you’re left asking one question. What tools can I use to cut through all the noise of social media and reach my ideal audience?


A lot of entrepreneurs get the idea that following the latest trends will give them the visibility they desire. However, that just means you’re putting out more of the same content as everyone else.


The truth is that if you’re making the same content as other businesses, then you’re just blending in with the crowd. Following trends isn’t going to help you stand out or cut through all the noise. You’ll just be another business to your online audience.


That’s why the absolute best tool you can add to your arsenal is professional photographs. There are plenty of companies that use graphics to market themselves, but graphics can be found anywhere on social media.


One of the things that sticks out most to our eyes is faces. We remember them, and our eyes find them striking when we see them.


By using professional photographs, you’ll be actively cutting through the noise of social media and stopping your audience in their scroll. You’ll be making a lasting impression.


However, that’s just one reason professional photographs are an amazing tool for your online marketing. There’s plenty more ways professional photos can boost your online marketing and help you cut through the online noise. 


Professional Photographs Create a Deeper Connection


The message you carefully craft and put into the world with your online marketing is powerful. However, your online audience isn’t stopping to read every single post that comes up on their feed. They need visual enticement before they’re attracted to your message, and graphics don’t do much to get your audience to read further.


However, professional photos do something powerful for your audience. They show the world that your business isn’t as faceless as they may have thought. Professional photos act as an introduction, they’re almost like a virtual handshake. They help your ideal audience visualize meeting with you, and that helps them form a deeper connection to your business in their minds.


Professional Photographs Give Your Words a Voice


You craft and create your message to speak to your audience directly about your business’s values. Your message carries that tone of voice for you when you create it, but your audience may have a hard time capturing that tone when they read it online. But by using professional photographs, you can help bridge that gap and help your message reach your audience more clearly.


Your voice and tone are so much more than the words you write down. Your voice is expressed bodily as much as it is verbally. By using professional photos, you’re actively giving your message the human touch it may be lacking otherwise. This will help your audience capture the deeper essence of your message.


Professional Photographs Forge a Bond of Trust


When entrepreneurs use graphics to market their business, it can make their audience feel disjointed from the person behind the business. By using professional photos, you’ll be showing your ideal audience who the face of your business is, and that goes a longer way than you may think!


As we’ve stated, using professional photos for social media marketing acts as an introduction. It’s cutting out a step of the marketing process and helps your audience know you. The real you. By using professional photos in this way, you’re actively giving your audience more reason to put their trust in your business.


These are just a few of the reasons professional photos are an amazing tool for your business, but they’re powerful nonetheless. They’re the same reasons we at MEDIA – The Creative Agency captured amazing photos of Laura Ellis for her business.


Laura Ellis is the founder of her own amazing business, Bridges Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. For Laura, bridges are symbols of connection, of journeys, of vulnerability. She takes the time to help her patients make the journey toward finding a connection to their health.


Bridges is a clinic that specializes in acupuncture and holistic medicine. Their clinic is committed to bridging connections between individuals and their health, between patients and practitioners, and between old patterns of imbalance and new patterns of freedom. 


They’re committed to guiding all of their patients on their journeys, no matter where they are or where they want to go. They’re committed to the protection of vulnerability, recognizing that crossing a bridge can be frightening, and they walk alongside their patients as they go through life’s challenges and transitions.


Thanks to the amazing portfolio of professional photos at her disposal, Laura’s audience is even more enthralled in her online marketing than they ever were before.


It’s time to follow Laura’s example!


If you’re looking for a stunning portfolio of professional photographs for your business, then contact us! We’ll work with you to create eye-catching photographs that will turn all heads toward your business.


If you want to learn more about Laura Ellis and her businesses, then you can visit Bridges’ website. You can also learn more about Bridges through their Facebook and Instagram pages. Just don’t forget to follow them once you’re there! 


Keep scrolling to see the photos we took with Laura!












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