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What imagery performs best with your content online to attract your ideal clients?

When it comes to posting online, you sometimes feel like you’re playing a guessing game. You’re not quite sure what works and what doesn’t. You know some of your stuff gets tons of engagement, and some of it doesn’t – but why? How? What’s the magic secret that’s going to get your ideal client’s attention? We’re going to break it down for you with 5 top tips when it comes to pairing imagery with your social media posts that will perform at their best so that your ideal clients stop their scroll, and feel into what you have to say so that they understand that they need your help now and reach out to you sooner than later!

1) Graphics may not be your friends: You’ve got an event coming up maybe, or you just simply can’t think of a picture to pair with your content. So you put together a graphic, thinking it makes the most sense! Hold on there, partner! Graphics get flagged by social media algorithms and kill your engagement because platforms like Facebook and Instagram view them as ads, so they don’t prefer them when pushing content to viewers. Also – they’re kinda boring, so the human eye isn’t going to pay much attention to them either. Often, they’re overloaded with too much info and text, etc, so the human brain gets subconsciously overwhelmed by graphics and scrolls right past them. Unless your graphic is going to be a compelling, empowering, inspiring, entertaining, humorous quote and THAT’S IT, stay away from graphics as the imagery for your posts. 

Here is an example below of a graphic we would recommend, and we would split it into various pieces for an Instagram post.

2) Professional photos with an engaging facial expression: We’re naturally attracted to images where the subject has a strong facial expression. Whether it be a big smile, a laugh, a surprised look, or even a scared expression, think back to the days of preschool when we learned all of those different emotions paired with strong facial expressions! People are naturally attracted to them. So bring on those emotions! PS We suggest using one single photo on Facebook or Linkedin, and using a multitude of photos on platforms like Instagram for your audience to swipe through to increase engagement on that platform.

3) Photos of you at work may not be the best option: You might think that a photo of you treating your patient or with your team or client or looking down at a journal or computer makes sense because it pairs with what you’re talking about in a post or an ad. But if there’s not much action or emotion or ANYTHING happening in that image, people will scroll right past. If you post a photo or video of you, your team, or your clients in your practice, business, or office, make sure something is GOING ON! Like laughter between the subjects, an interesting pose, or a cool gadget emitting light beams. ANYTHING!

Here’s a throwback shot from one of our favorite clients, the Live Well team with Dr. Brianne and Chad. Notice the expressions of them having fun!

4) Video is king – We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again. Video is king. Videography, cinematography, and even behind-the-scenes cell grabs of content that exemplifies your posts always always always perform better both for the algorithm and the human brain. Especially if these videos show your face, your voice, your personality, or your mannerisms- they could cut down a lot on your sales process time because the audience who turns to leads will feel like they know like and trust you from watching your video content. 

Here’s a video we created for another one of your favorite clients, Deneen Joyner! This is more of a longer form video, but short, day-to-day clips like we often share to our client’s social accounts like Hair Enhancements, work really well too!

5) The latest features may work to please the platforms, but not the people – While reels do great on Instagram, utilizing the reel feature on Facebook won’t show people your captions very well. When new features come out on platforms, be sure to test them out, see how they look, and analyze how they perform rather than continuing to use them because all the experts are telling you to. 

PS – Are you a disruptor in the holistic health and beauty space?

If you’re an expert in the holistic wellness or beauty industries who would love to attract more of your ideal clients, contact us! We’ll help you speak to the heart and soul of your ideal clients so that they can prioritize working with you above all else that they might have going on in their lives. 

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