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What You Didn’t Know Your Marketing Was Doing for You

You know your marketing is meant to attract your ideal opportunities, clients, and team members – of course, you get that. 

But what other kind of value can social media marketing add to your business?

Read on to find out! It’s pretty juicy if we do say so ourselves! 

You’re building monetary value to the worth of your business 

You may be LOVING running your business, and can’t fathom the day you have nothing to do with it, OR, you could be feeling like you’ve had quite enough already and either way, you need to look ahead to the day when it’s time to pass it on to another generation or sell it. You certainly don’t want to just shut the doors! You want your mission to live on, and perhaps a nice kickback with a well-deserved retirement!

For some of us, that’ll mean selling our business before we retire. However, you’ll want to make sure your business has plenty of revenue so its resale value is always increasing.

But did you know that by marketing your business online you’ll be actively increasing not just your revenue but also the resale value of your business?

It’s true! Entrepreneurs who market their business online aren’t just going to attract new clients. They’re guaranteed to grow their business’s social media following and email list as well!

And while a buyer is absolutely going to look at your net asset value (NAV), when you have a nice e-mail list and social media following, an evergreen marketing strategy, and good SEO to go along with that NAV like our clients do, it makes the deal that much more appetizing! 

So what are some things you can do to grow these? With every marketing effort, you want to think of not just the power of converting new clients, but also the value you’re adding by how many e-mail addresses you are collecting in the process to retain these contacts. How are you organically growing your audience and referral network with your efforts? This is something we do for our clients as we fully manage the content creation, graphics, videography, photography of their social media and websites, and how we strategize their e-mail list send-outs, and how we formulate their blogs to grow their SEOs, and in the process, how we create relationships with referral partners. At the same time, how their ads are not only bringing in dozens and dozens of new leads weekly, but also, how they’re collecting data and research and e-mail addresses and followers in the process, so if they don’t buy now, they might buy later by retaining them as contacts, followers, e-mail list subscribers, blog subscribers, you name it. 

Something to consider as well is the value that all of those digital assets named above like graphics, photography, videography, modules, webinars – all of the things created for your social media, website, e-mail lists, by your team or marketing strategists, and marketing experts such as ourselves – are actual digital assets adding value to your business as well. They are pieces that can carry on the name and brand without you in the business.

We love to help holistic wellness or beauty experts who would love to attract more of your ideal clients by letting go of your social media, email marketing, SEO, web development, event planning, and all the other little moving parts. We’re here for you, so contact us! We’ll help you speak to the heart and soul of your ideal clients in your marketing so that they will want to prioritize working with you above all else they might have going on in their lives. 

PS Wanna get featured in this online magazine, MEDIAZINE, AND on our show, The Mindset Moves Show? Contact us today! You’ll reach thousands and thousands of business leaders looking to grow via e-mail, web, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Our guests gain instant clients just from being featured, with long-term results as well! 

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