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What You NEED to Know to Manage Your Money, Not Just Attract It – Featuring Kevin Linder of Kevin Linder Relationship Manager

At MEDIA, we often press the importance of attracting your ideal, high-end clients and reaching your dream income. But there is another part to that. As much as you are attracting these clients and reaching–or even going beyond–your income goals, you may encounter a different type of internal block. It’s the one that makes you ask the questions: “What do I do about taxes? How do I handle investments?”

That’s why this week we’re featuring Kevin Linder, one of our dream clients interviewed by our Creative Director, Marta Sauret Greca. With MEDIA’s help, Kevin built his brand to authentically market himself online and in turn cultivated and grew his ideal audience organically. Kevin is a financial expert who will share how you can properly save, invest, and put your money aside for the future.

Kevin said his passion for finance began in his school years, where he gravitated towards math and calculating numbers. After taking a test in high school to find a career path that would best suit him, he discovered that he would fit best in the finance world. Kevin attended Robert Morris University, where he had the opportunity to intern with North Western Mutual–one of the top ten finance internships in America. After college he worked for Citizen’s Bank as a Licensed Banker, where he assisted the bank’s wealthiest customers to help them safely and wisely invest their money. He has also worked for IFinancial Services–run by one of the top wealth advisors who had used to work for Citizen’s Bank and oversaw Kevin’s branch.

Now, after learning from the experts, Kevin is an independent financial advisor with his own company, and an expert in his own right. He works with top carriers across the country to provide his clients with the best financial assistance.

Photo of Kevin Linder by MEDIA – The Creative Agency.

Kevin said that one of three key things that business owners should be doing with their money now, whether they have an abundance of wealth or not, is to track their numbers.

“You could be a millionaire or a quarter-million in debt, but track your numbers. You need to know what’s going in and what’s going out. And, as business owners, absolutely track your tax deductions,” he said.

The second key thing, Kevin said, is self-care. He added that business owners should identify what this means for them individually. For Kevin, this means health, wealth, spirituality, independence, and balance.

“If you’re the Giving Tree–we’ve all read the book–you’re going to end up as a tree stump that someone sits on. What I like to recommend is that you make sure you are fruitful enough for yourself before you go on to help everyone else around you, including businesses,” he said.

Kevin’s third key thing that business owners should do with their money now is pursue Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

“If you can align your business with what your spiritual beliefs are, it will help you. If you believe in a higher power, advancing God’s agenda will bring a lot of favor and good luck to your personal and business life,” Kevin said.

Photo of Kevin Linder by MEDIA – The Creative Agency.

Kevin has three services for business owners to look into if they want to know what to do with their money.

“The first thing is to connect as a human being,” Kevin said. “If you don’t like me and I don’t like you, there’s no sense in moving forward.”

After deciding that you both have connected, Kevin said that you would move into the credibility phase. He added that he would show his state license and his A+ Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and then transition into sharing his free-health benefits. This includes a focus on your will and then a life insurance conversation.

Although he no longer works for a brokerage, Kevin said he can advise others who are looking to make high-level investments.

“I can guide others. There is no monetary bias for me on those recommendations,” Kevin added.

Kevin said that a challenge he has faced that brought him to where he is today centered around a financial incident after losing his great-grandmother when he was six years old.

“My grandma and her sister got into a huge fight over a single piece of my great-grandmother’s jewelry,” Kevin said. “That entire argument could have been prevented with a free document we give out to our clients. It’s a motivating force to do what I do and help families prevent fights from happening in a situation like that.”

Kevin said what separates him from other life insurance agents is that he can send you to the top carriers across the country rather than be affiliated with one company.

“We help people who want coverage, who deserve coverage, for an affordable price,” Kevin said.

You can find Kevin on his Facebook Page and reach out to him through a private message.

You can also listen to Marta’s podcast interview with Kevin here to learn even more about who he is and how he helps his clients get the coverage they need for an affordable price.

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