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Why You Don’t Want to Automate Your Social Media – Tips from Your Marketing Experts

When you first hear that there are programs and software out there that will automate your social media for you, it may sound appealing. As you might have come to notice, social media is hard work: posting consistently, engaging and commenting on other accounts, checking replies, and interacting with those who engage with your content. It may be tempting to pursue an automated program that uses bots to do these tasks for you. From a brief explanation, it sounds like it will save you time so that you can focus on your business rather than the marketing.

But before you enlist the assistance of these programs, here are some things to keep in mind, and the reasons why we use real live humans 😉 to manage our clients’ social media.

   1. Social Media Algorithms Flag Bots

Automated programs are smart, but social media algorithms are smarter. Each social media platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, have their platforms coded to detect bot activity. This is because bots are considered to be spam. As a result, any detection of spam means that the algorithm will automatically hide your content. It won’t show your posts in your followers’ feeds, and will hide hashtags so that your content won’t be visible in a search-by-tag. This means that you will have less engagement from your followers, which means they won’t be seeing your content. You also lose the ability to reach new people in your audience because they won’t be able to find you through hashtags.

  2. Bots and Auto-Commenting Programs Lack a Personal Connection

We’ve all encountered bots before, whether we realized it or not. Many people experience them as website pop-ups that ask if you need help. They give generic responses as you wait to get in touch with a real person–and when you finally reach someone the tone changes. They are lively, able to talk to you, and truly understand what you are asking.

One important aspect of social media is the ability to make that personal connection with your audience. People respond more positively to heartfelt replies rather than the same answer that everyone else is being given. If they have a question, it can be addressed in the comments rather than being told by a bot to contact a webpage or to send a private message. As people, we respond better to human contact. Bots create a disconnect between the audience and the content, making them less likely to reach out to you or listen to your message.

3. Accounts that Use Third-Party Apps Risk Being Deleted

As we said earlier, social media algorithms search for bots. Many people use bots to have fake accounts, which goes against the policy of many social media platforms. In recent years, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have cracked down on fake accounts and increased the algorithm to detect the use of third-party apps. While you may not lose your account for using an automated bot or commenting service, the algorithm may detect that you have one and penalize you for it by removing those inauthentic comments and likes.

At MEDIA, we put our social media into the hands of a real team, not bots. Every aspect of our social media packages focuses on bringing to life your authentic message. Along with our clear, compelling, and organic content, we personally craft comments and replies to those who engage with our clients’ content. While our clients focus on their businesses, we energize and grow their audience by keeping that personal connection strong. When new clients inquiry about them, they do so because they have already connected with their social media content.

With our 12 month social media package, The Expert’s Online Organic Strategy, you get:

  • A focused team trained to speak to the heart of your ideal audience, so they stop their scroll, lean in, reach out to you, and spend their money with you
  • Virtual strategy campaign planning sessions with our award-winning team, that ensures there’s a focused and streamlined strategy to your vision, with your goals in mind
  • Our team dedicated to you, producing copy-writing that includes compelling messaging, copy-editing, and incorporating your photos for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posting campaign for 3-5 posts per channel per week
  • Weekly eblasts sent out to your lists, as well as us adding to your lists of those interested in your audience
  • Weekly blog posts to boost your SEO organically, so more people find you through searches

If this sounds like something you want, you’re going to want to reach out to us today. We are only taking on one more client under this package, and our clients have been having amazing results like:

  • A $6k sale plus other 4 new ideal leads within a few weeks of us taking over their social media
  • Sold our virtual events, full of income-generating connections
  • Their investment back within one month, regardless of having a very small email list and audience to start with

AND we have a special end of the year 2020 pricing that expires at the end of the month, so don’t wait until this or that are in place to take action. Reach out to us today.

If you’re ready for a team to authentically market you online so that you can focus on your business, contact us today.

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