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Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention While Staying True to Your Vision

As you become more visible online, you want to be able to attract your dream clients by showcasing the authentic version of yourself. After all, your audience is looking for real people they can connect with beyond a brand name. While you want to make your potential clients feel comfortable, you also want them to recognize you as the expert in your industry.

So how do you balance highlighting your expertise while allowing your audience a glimpse at who you are?

Our MEDIA team knows exactly how to bring out your personality through photos while also framing you as professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in your chosen field. We’re walking you through some of the methods we use to create stunning photos that speak to the core of who you are. 

Decide How Do You Want to Be Seen

You have your brand colors and fonts for all your business promotion needs. But how do you want your audience to see you?

While your business image is important, so is how your potential clients perceive you. Think about the first impression you want to make on your audience. Do you want them to see you as relaxed and honest? Fun-loving and knowledgeable? Serious and determined?

How you want your audience to see you dictates the mood of your photos, including poses and, sometimes, location. Once you know the aspects of your personality you want to show online, it becomes much easier to incorporate them into your photos!

Choose Clothing that Empowers You

Your wardrobe will have a huge impact on your photos during the session and after. What you wear should not only be something you like, but clothes that reflect who you are.

Maybe you’re the pantsuit queen, or you rock a leather jacket. Maybe your dream photoshoot means you wear a ballgown. Whatever clothing you choose, it should make you feel good in your skin and boost your confidence.

Our MEDIA team offers a style guide to help you decide on your clothing choices so you can show up feeling empowered from the start.

Stylized Shoots to Match Your Vision

Have a theme in mind? A stylized shoot may be for you!

At MEDIA, specialize in a photoshoot experience that resonates with who you are and speaks to your dream clients. Whether your brand is all about powerful Rosie the Riveter women or focuses on getting deep into nature, we can create photos that capture the essence of who you are and what you want to represent. 

The Ladies of Quantum Klinik

We’re thrilled with the results of our latest photoshoot featuring the ladies of Quantum Klinik!

Owner Katalin Reimann wanted to celebrate the beautiful clients she serves every day. While she helps them love their bodies with natural, noninvasive and healthy treatments, we photographed them in their best light. We focused on the joy of Katalin’s clients and how they felt confident, comfortable, and amazing in their skin. 

Mini Sessions are Available Now!

We rarely offer our mini sessions and have five spots available for Tuesday, March 14th.

These sessions are high-demand and beloved by our clients. You get:

-20 min sessions

-At least 5 retouched images

-Up to two outfits

-Gallery of downloadable images for you to use as you wish

And BONUS: If you sign up for one of these five sessions, you’ll be featured in our online magazine, MEDIAZINE, along with other local entrepreneurs. You and your business will be blasted out and seen across our social media platforms and email list, exposing you to a wide audience filled with potential clients.

How wide? We’re talking tens of thousands of people that you could reach and attract into your own audience. Get you and your business showcased in your best light and enjoy the benefits of showing up online and increasing your visibility!

PLUS When you book your photoshoot, you’ll have the option to add a featured spot on the TV Show and Podcast, partaking on a thought-provoking panel of professionals on a special episode feature on the Mindset Moves show, which gets tens of thousands of eyes on each episode between all of the platforms it’s promoted on. This gives you a chance to create a quicker, deeper connection with countless new ideal connections out there. (A Scheduling link will be sent over once the show spot has been purchased).

You can book your session by clicking here to schedule.

While the photos we took for Quantum’s self confidence campaign are exclusive, take a look at the results of their most recent in-office photo session below!

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