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How to Successfully Market Your Business with Professional Photos


When you market your business, how do you want your audience to view you? Likely, you want to be seen as an expert in your field and highlight the best of yourself and what you have to offer. Professional photos are an excellent way to have your audience perceive you as an industry leader and business owner. 

But what sets you apart from others in your industry? Your personality!

Every business, even in the same market, is different. Your brand won’t be the same as someone else’s brand, and your photos should reflect that and make you stand out. 

At MEDIA, our team of award-winning photographers know exactly how to capture your unique personality and all of its aspects. Whether that’s confident and humorous or serious and kind, we showcase you as the full, multifaceted individual that you are. 

Here’s how we capture stunning photos that make your audience stop their scroll to learn more about you and your business. 

Your Comfort is Key

If you’re uncomfortable during your session, it’ll show in your photos. Many of our clients aren’t fans of being in front of the camera. They feel awkward and uncertain—and what are they supposed to do with their hands?

Our sessions are dedicated to making you feel good in your own skin. Not only do we help put you at ease, we also make sure you’re having fun! Our team makes a point to laugh with you and joke with you between photos. There’s no need to be too serious! The more fun you have, the more it’ll reflect in your body language and smile. This will make your photos look natural, allowing your audience to connect with you more easily.

Location Enhances Your Photos

Do you have a home office that would be perfect for photos? Is there a place that absolutely matches your aesthetic?

Our team works with you to find a location in our local Pittsburgh area that suits who you are and your brand’s theme. The background of your photos is important to capture your authentic self. Pairing a location that puts you in your element with our fun and go-with-the-flow sessions accentuates your results and you shine.

For our mini sessions, we have a beautiful location picked to give you gorgeous photos in an environment that will suit you no matter what industry you’re in. Located in Mars, PA, the specific location is disclosed upon booking!

Pose Like You Mean It

Instead of putting you in awkward positions that feel forced and standard, our team breaks out of the cookie cutter poses and goes for a more natural approach. There’s no one like you, which means the way you’re positioned shouldn’t look like you walked out of a stock photo!

Our team coordinates you in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re trying hard to pose. It will feel natural, whether you’re in a power stance or sprawled out on a couch. To capture your authentic self, we focus on allowing you to simply be you, with a little help and direction for the best shots. This helps our photos reflect the real you, and it helps you not freeze in front of the camera.

Mini Headshot Sessions

We rarely open spots for mini headshot sessions! Right now, we’re offering five spots for Tuesday, March 14th from 1:00-3:30 p.m.

These sessions are high-demand and beloved by our clients. You get:

-20 min sessions

-At least 5 retouched images

-Up to two outfits

-Gallery of downloadable images for you to use as you wish

And BONUS: If you sign up for one of these five sessions, you’ll be featured in our online magazine, MEDIAZINE, along with other local entrepreneurs. You and your business will be blasted out and seen across our social media platforms and email list, exposing you to a wide audience filled with potential clients.

How wide? We’re talking tens of thousands of people that you could reach and attract into your own audience. Get you and your business showcased in your best light and enjoy the benefits of showing up online and increasing your visibility!

PLUS When you book your photoshoot, you’ll have the option to add a featured spot on the TV Show and Podcast, partaking on a thought-provoking panel of professionals on a special episode feature on the Mindset Moves show, which gets tens of thousands of eyes on each episode between all of the platforms it’s promoted on. This gives you a chance to create a quicker, deeper connection with countless new ideal connections out there. (A Scheduling link will be sent over once the show spot has been purchased).

You can book your session by clicking here to schedule. 

Take a look at some of the beautiful results from our mini headshot sessions!

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