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How to Elevate Your Brand with Photography and Videography

You’ve heard all the emphasis on getting professional photos or videography done for your brand, but you’re not sure how to use it.  What’s the point in getting those headshots or having someone create that highlight reel if you don’t know how to leverage it in your company’s favor? For starters, getting professional photography and […]

How to Successfully Market Your Business with Professional Photos

  When you market your business, how do you want your audience to view you? Likely, you want to be seen as an expert in your field and highlight the best of yourself and what you have to offer. Professional photos are an excellent way to have your audience perceive you as an industry leader […]

Personalizing your social media so it stands out

Are you wondering how to make your business social media stand out in the time of social distancing? Now more than ever, it will be crucial to personalize your social media content by adding photos of yourself! MEDIA took photos of Emma Ferrick, of ELF Operations, so she can incorporate her new headshots in into […]