You are ready to take the next step and improve your business exposure and increase sales with a professional video production!

You know the benefits that video has for business growth, and you know video is quickly becoming the number one way to market a business in today’s economy.

You know that video has the power to create a personal connection with your desired audience that could drive them to hire you within seconds of hearing your story.

You already have a website that does its job, but you know you could add something that could increase traffic flow and keep your online audience engaged even more.

But you don’t want…

X it to look like you’re uncomfortable behind the camera.

X to feel lost and you have absolutely no idea what to say or how to get your message across…

X a cheesy, boring video with you staring blankly at the camera…

You do want…

the perfect media team that will give you a video production that shows who you are, your passion for what you do, and your incredible story of how you built your business.

With the elite cinematographers of MEDIA, you will receive a video production that will be the key component to keeping your audience engaged on your website pages and social media profiles.

We will create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere for you while we guide you through the photo shoot process. We use professional grade cameras, light setups, and are ready to go for you, so you look amazing in every shot.

We also work with you. We want to make sure you LOVE your own photos.

Our team will be there to assist with any loose ends, stray hairs, or crooked tie, so every shot comes out picture perfect. And just because we believe in you and your business SO much, we will hype you up and cheer you on during the photoshoot to make sure it’s a fun experience for everyone – kinda like your very own personal, ego lifting squad.

You will walk out with a boost of confidence and stunning new photos that will make you and your business look like a million bucks! And if you have a team? Bring em on!

We love showcasing your entire business family with you and providing their own moment to shine, so they can continue to bring value to your company as they connect with your ideal audience with their photos online too!


  • Our team of dedicated and experienced cinematographers, trained by national award-winning media experts and Emmy nominees, ready to give you a captivating video for your business, including our expert, award-winning, MEDIA-recognized Creative Director, Marta Sauret Greca on site to offer her creative direction.
  • Multiple camera angles for more of a compelling approach that will draw your audience in and add quality
  • The option to include a modern backdrop if you please
  • Added location option included to grab candid footage of you doing your thing as a business expert that you are, to have added footage to create a more personal connection to you with your ideal clients online
  • 1 on 1 Guidance and personal coaching before and during the process to dig deep into the messaging of the video for optimal audience engagement
  • A half to full day of shooting – however much time you need- for us to film different scenes to make your video compelling
  • Three different concise video edit concepts of short optimal length to keep the attention of your online audience, with your ideal client in mind, creating a focus on each one to personally speak to them to educate, compel and get them to lean into you, your story and why you’re the must have expert in your industry.
  • Multiple external microphones for crisp. Professional sound so that your audience can hear your message clearly
  • Multiple revisions for you to be able to provide feedback once you view the videos to make sure we do everything we can to fulfill your vision
  • And BONUS when we produce video for you, we feature you on our MEDIAZINE, create a marketing campaign toe blast your feature out to our audience, feature your video production on all of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube), and invite you to be a featured guest on our podcast and livestreams to increase your visibility by thousands and thousands who will see you are the must-have expert that you are.

Here are some things our own video production clients had to say about their experience and success stories:

  • “Media The Creative Agency did an amazing job on my company’s commercial.  I was very pleased with their professionalism and knowledge of their service.  I would recommend Media for all of your needs.”

    Tracy Armstrong North Pittsburgh Greeting Company
  • “I’ve worked with high-end production teams internationally from New York to Paris, and my teaming I were so impressed by the professionalism of the MEDIA team, and multiple of our brand websites feature their video production work.”

    Shellie Hipsky International Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Magazine Editor and TV Show Host

Having video on your website and social media channels has actually been proven to increase the chances of your online visitors reaching out to hire you by 58-83%

And websites that contain video have a 60% more chance of your website visitors staying on your website and leaning in to learn more about you, and in turn reach out to you.

Especially right now, people are making more and more of their buying choices online, so making that personal connection with your ideal high-end clients online is that much more pivotal to not only grow sales now, but to continue to keep up with the ever-changing business world – and video is becoming the #1 way to do that. Wouldn’t it be nice if you became the #1 must have expert in your industry with this #1 to reach your audience?

We only take a limited number of clients each month, and we typically have a waiting list. But right now we have spots open for new clients before the year ends.

So if you’re ready to reach your high-end clients now with a captivating video production, SEND US AN E-MAIL, and we’ll see if you can be yet another one of our success stories – because we will only take you on to help you if we truly feel you can achieve the successful results you’re looking for.