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Top Ways to Sell Out Your Offer With Organic Marketing and Reach-Outs

There were only 12 spots to be a part of our CEO’s upcoming anthology – and within one week of “launching” the announcement, the spots sold out with a waiting list for an investment level of just short of $1000. No ads were spent. No cold-pitching occurred. No overly-techie launch. Just simple organic marketing and […]

What You Didn’t Know Your Marketing Was Doing for You

You know your marketing is meant to attract your ideal opportunities, clients, and team members – of course, you get that.  But what other kind of value can social media marketing add to your business? Read on to find out! It’s pretty juicy if we do say so ourselves!  You’re building monetary value to the […]

The Truth About Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn Ads

How to attract more leads and paying clients with your ads.  Our MEDIA – The Creative Agency CEO, Marta Sauret Greca, admits that she’s said the words “Ads don’t work,” and “You can get all the leads you want with organic online content.” And now, she admits: “Things have changed in marketing over the past […]

How to Prolong Your Life and Attract More Abundance and Prosperity

If you’re feeling ten years older than you really are, then it might be time to take a look at your health. Business owners are highly susceptible to going all-in on their business and putting everything else on the backburner. At some point, it all catches up! This means less energy, brain fog, and weight […]

How to Live Your Best Life as a Business Leader – Featuring Kelly Miller

As a business owner, you’re familiar with stress, but you might not be the best at managing it. When you’re stressed, it’s easy for your health to take a tumble and cause you to gain weight. You’re so focused on your business that you neglect taking care of the one who is responsible for it […]

How Our Team of Creatives Serves All Your Marketing Needs

As a business owner, you’re always looking for the best methods to stay visible, increase your reach, and show up online to attract your high-end clients. You have likely scoured the internet for information, and with all the resources out there, it’s left you scratching your head on what really works.  That’s why we’re here […]

Attract More Clients and Opportunities by doing LESS – Here’s How

What is minimalist marketing? Simply put, it’s the idea of doing less to receive more.  If you think that sounds backwards, we get it! Business owners tend to believe they need to do everything in order to get results. That means keeping up with trends, jumping on the newest bandwagon, being present in every corner […]

How Facebook and Instagram Ads Amplify Your Organic Social Presence

If you’ve worked with Facebook and Instagram ads, you might have a love-hate relationship with them. For most business owners, they’re a mystery. How can you tell what’s working? When is the right time to run an ad? Why aren’t they converting the way everyone says they will? We’re here to clear the air and […]

Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention While Staying True to Your Vision

As you become more visible online, you want to be able to attract your dream clients by showcasing the authentic version of yourself. After all, your audience is looking for real people they can connect with beyond a brand name. While you want to make your potential clients feel comfortable, you also want them to […]

Identifying Your “Why” as a Business Owner

If you knew that sharing your real, raw story could be the thing that propels you forward, would you do it more? At MEDIA, our goal is to showcase business owners in their most authentic light and present who they are at their core. We aim to do the same for the faces behind our […]