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Here’s a brief overview of the Ground-breaking Client Attraction Package we’re offering that will benefit nearly every aspect of your online presence process. We have openings for a few ambitious businesses and organizations who desire a simple, uncomplicated path to attracting more of your dream “audience” and getting them to take action on your website.

All while doing what YOU love and do best in peace and positivity while we take care of the rest by giving you an efficient and effective website that draws your ideal clients in….

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…Without having an unmanageable amount of unnecessary traffic that isn’t your ideal dream client….

….Without following up with “Sorry it’s not the best website…” every time you give someone your web address…

…Without having to guess if what you wrote for your website makes sense or actually is interesting to your ideal, exact clients…

……Starting today.

With our leading team of experts, we’re going to redesign your website with compelling, stunning media and written content for you AND we will be by your side to automatically provide security, support, maintenance and updates so you can keep focusing on what YOU do best and love doing the most.

We focus on creating a website that when real people that are your ideal clients land on it, they feel connected to you and as they browse through it, they are more and more convinced to work with you before they even contact you.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter templates with stock images we slap on your website  that have been done before. We custom-design your website so that it exudes the exact feeling you want your ideal web visitors to feel. 

Just like when you welcome someone into your home or office, we want to emulate that same welcoming connection with you when your perfect, ideal clients enter your website.

We don’t just take what you write and plop it on your web pages.  we strategize the content writing with you, so that every word on your website is designed to speak clearly to your ideal high-end clients so that they feel like you GET THEM – because you do! 

If you want to start upgrading your online presence and present yourself as the must-have expert (Because you are) that your ideal clients are clamoring to schedule calls with because they feel so personally connected to you and your brand just by visiting your website, our Ground-breaking Web Package is  exactly what you need.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose the elite international MEDIA team to design and strategize  your website with you…



Our web development plans are exactly what you need. Not only will we build your website for you, but during your payment plan period, we’ll be there for ya! Right by your side with web updates, maintenance, and monitoring, so sign up below to order YOUR website, and take that OFF your to do list so that we can take care of if for you, and you can go do whatever you want!

Schedule a free consultation call to have us review your website or provide suggestions for a website for your business with no obligation whatsoever. We just wanna help! AND you’ll get a complimentary Media Marketing report as well that will benefit YOUR business!

You’ll get:

A virtual strategy and planning session with our expert Creative Director, who has been providing media for corporations, organizations internationally and small businesses for over a decade

Our dedicated team of graphic designers, copy-writers, editors, digital experts to collaboratively create and review the content of your website to make sure every piece of it works to connect and attract with your ideal web visitor.

A dedicated, expert web-strategy and development team to analyze your website and provide eye-opening findings.

complete SEO-optimized website redesign that will compel your visitors to take action in the exact way you need them to.

12 months of support from our expert team to keep your websitesecure, updated, maintained, and looking stunning while you focus on doing other things you love and are passionate about.

The ability to provide new copy, photos, changes monthly so that we can keep your website relevant and up-to-date with the best information for your ideal high-end clients

Our Work

Create a Legacy

Just like Create a Legacy who within a few weeks of creating a new package and putting it on his website and partnering it with our social media management, he attracted the exact client he wanted to attract and sold high high-end offer.

The Tomato Pie Cafe

And The Tomato Pie Cafe who within a week of us creating his website so that he could attract more team members for his busy season, he had dozens and dozens of applications from qualified candidates.

Diversified Municipal Services

Or Diversified Municipal Services who needed to get clearer on exactly what they provide and to whom so that they could filter the inquiries they got from non-qualified leads.

Newman Springs

And Newman Springs who attracts new authors internationally, who are ready to choose Newman Springs as the must-have publishing house.

Our Clients