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How to Optimize Your Website to Attract and Educate Your Audience

Your website is a hub of information, but is it working FOR you?  Yes, when your audience lands on that home page, they should be able to easily navigate across a clean and minimalist design. But your website should be more than a brief overview of what you provide. It’s a gold mine resource for […]

Top Ways to Sell Out Your Offer With Organic Marketing and Reach-Outs

There were only 12 spots to be a part of our CEO’s upcoming anthology – and within one week of “launching” the announcement, the spots sold out with a waiting list for an investment level of just short of $1000. No ads were spent. No cold-pitching occurred. No overly-techie launch. Just simple organic marketing and […]

What You Didn’t Know Your Marketing Was Doing for You

You know your marketing is meant to attract your ideal opportunities, clients, and team members – of course, you get that.  But what other kind of value can social media marketing add to your business? Read on to find out! It’s pretty juicy if we do say so ourselves!  You’re building monetary value to the […]