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Why Your Words Have Power – Featuring Marta Sauret Greca

Imagine this: you’re brimming with life-changing information that your ideal clients need to know. You want to get your message out there, but there’s a little voice inside of you that keeps you from saying “yes” to the opportunities that could propel your message to a larger audience. Your words can’t change lives if you […]

How You Can Enthrall Your Audience and Cut Through the Noise of Their Scroll with Captivating, Professional Photography – Featuring Christine Furman

When it comes to your online marketing, you probably spend much of your time thinking about what it takes to captivate your ideal audience, get them to drop everything they’re doing, and encourage them to invest in your business.   Attractive, professional photography reigns supreme when it comes to enthralling your ideal audience and encourages […]


MEDIA – The Creative Agency was so excited to shoot videography for Alicia Dallago, owner of Alicia Photography. Alicia Dallago is a Pittsburgh based photographer who specializes in photography restoration.  Alicia hired MEDIA’s videography team to assist her in promoting her restoration service that is a rapidly growing business. If you want your business to […]

Live Well Chiropractic Uses Videos to Attract Dream Clients

Did you know that getting a chiropractic adjustment helps keep your body moving and working? Dr. Brie of Live Well Chiropractic, located in Wexford, specializes in prenatal chiropractic adjustments while Dr. Chad specializes in Active Release Technique. MEDIA not only created these captivating videos for the Live Well team, but also coached them on how […]

Steve Deal of Create a Legacy Boosted His Business Through a Captivating Video

MEDIA: The Creative Agency team created two captivating videos for Steve Deal of Create a Legacy to help boost his business! How would you like to captivate your dream clients with stunning professional photography and videography? Let us help you! By booking with us, you will have a video made that will promote your business […]