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Boost Your Energy and Confidence to Attract Your Dream Clients

You’ve got a full schedule and a hundred ideas for your business, but you don’t have the energy to keep up with it all. As an ambitious and driven business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Your body however might not have the energy it needs for you to tackle everything on your […]

Why Following Trends Might Not be Helpful to You

You’ve heard ad nauseam that the algorithm is always changing, that there’s new trends with reels on Instagram and on TikTok on this day and then it all changes the next day. You might even follow marketing experts who tell you the latest scoop on what the generations to target are really into these days. […]

Leap to Your Next Revenue Level by Saving Time and Physical Space

Your next revenue level is out there…and it’s buried beneath the papers in your home office. You know what it’s like to have your desk covered. You’re always searching for a pen or that one file you know you left in one spot. This mess might extend to other parts of your house, like your […]

How to Improve Your Fitness and Become Stronger and Healthier in Less Time

You’ve got a legacy you want to leave with your business, and it takes a lot of your time, focus, and energy. It takes so much that you’re not focusing on fitness and health, and you’re starting to feel the effects in your body.  Every year you make the resolutions that you’re going to improve […]

How to Make Your Online Presence Pop with Engagement

Are you allowing your audience to REALLY connect with you? You might be posting on social media and sending out emails, but you’re noticing the engagement isn’t what you want it to be. Even though you’re showing up, are you doing so in a way that’s gripping, scroll-stopping, and authentic? These are three of the […]


MEDIA – The Creative Agency was so excited to shoot videography for Alicia Dallago, owner of Alicia Photography. Alicia Dallago is a Pittsburgh based photographer who specializes in photography restoration.  Alicia hired MEDIA’s videography team to assist her in promoting her restoration service that is a rapidly growing business. If you want your business to […]