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How to Optimize Your Website to Attract and Educate Your Audience

Your website is a hub of information, but is it working FOR you?  Yes, when your audience lands on that home page, they should be able to easily navigate across a clean and minimalist design. But your website should be more than a brief overview of what you provide. It’s a gold mine resource for […]

Identifying Your “Why” as a Business Owner

If you knew that sharing your real, raw story could be the thing that propels you forward, would you do it more? At MEDIA, our goal is to showcase business owners in their most authentic light and present who they are at their core. We aim to do the same for the faces behind our […]

How to Make Your Website a Client Magnet for You – Featuring Jenn Carrasco

You’ve certainly realized, as all entrepreneurs have, that websites are an essential part of running your business.    Which is why MEDIA – The Creative Agency stepped in for nationally acclaimed, award-winning  and media-recognized, Jenn Carrasco to create her incredible website, jenncarrasco.com.   Jenn is a multifaceted business coach who has been mentoring executives for […]

How to Design a Website that will Stun Your Ideal Clients – Featuring V Skincare

MEDIA – The Creative Agency recently developed a website for our phenomenal client, Jennifer Carrasco, who needed a website for her business. Jennifer started a company called V Skincare, a business that is dedicated to ensuring the health and beauty of our skin. Jennifer needed a website that would represent her business well, granted her […]


MEDIA – The Creative Agency had the privilege of assisting our beloved client, Marissa Foht, with photography and web development for her new brand, FITT ViP Method.  Marissa Foht, the owner of Moksha Physical and Mental Training, recently expanded her company by acquiring FITT ViP Method. This expansion made our job very important in getting […]


Wanna know how YOU can draw in your ideal clients by tweaking your website?  Here’s three top things you can implement on your website so you can convert more and more visitors into inquiries! Have a moving element on your landing and home page – i.e. a video or photo slider that moves, to capture […]

Introducing: Headshot Clinics!

Are you ready for your new and improved headshots for 2020? Great news! MEDIA: The Creative Agency will now be holding Headshot Clinics on the first Thursday of every month! Are you someone who DREADS getting in front of the camera, but you know your business cards or website photos need a serious update? Relax, […]